Things We Love

On this page, I hope to create a directory of links to products we love and use, whether they are products to help your raise a green baby, or just simply some cool gadgets.

Things to Eat

These are more for me than the kids (though the boy loves them), but Michael Seasons’ Lite Cheese Curls are awesomely delicious. I mean, for me, a snack lover, the natural stuff rarely lives up to its non-natural counterparts. But these – these are the best cheese curls I’ve ever had.

Lately, I’ve been drinking a lot of Honest Tea. They now offer them at our cafeteria, and even at our local mega-grocery store. My person favorites are the Heavenly Honey, Lori’s Lemon, and Just Black. The teas are Organic, and naturally sweetened. Some are only 10 calories. They also work with Fair Trade suppliers and support many worthy causes.

The kids go through so much Crazy Bugs mac and cheese, that we now order them by the case from Amazon.

Babycare Products

We used to use cloth diapers. For many reasons, we’ve switched to gDiapers. They’re flushable and good for the environment. Check out the web page for more info.

With our son, we’ve gone to most glass bottles, but for travel (and perhaps once he’s holding his own bottles) we like the Bisphenol A-free bottles from Green to Grow.

Furniture, etc.

We love our toy boxes from Via Toy Box, as well as the wall decals from Blik that both decorate our daughter’s new Big Girl Room.

If you hate waiting for a DVD to load, and your kids like watching videos online, and you like music channels/sites like Pandora, you should check out Boxee. With HTPCs being so darned cheap, it almost seemed a no-brainer for us to set this up on our main TV.

2 Responses to Things We Love

  1. abba-daddy says:

    we only eat organic (except for the junk I eat at work) and we use 7th heaven products to clean the house (much safer with kids around).

  2. JDaddy says:

    Hey, just found your blog. Looks great. We use gDiapers, too, and really like them. We considered cloth diapers, but we live in an apartment building with a coin-op laundry, and didn’t feel like we could clean the cloth diapers properly on a fixed-cycle machine (and we weren’t sure how happy other people would be about our decision to wash poopy diapers in the communal washing machines). I’d be curious to know why you switched from cloth to gDiapers.

    [Kaz: I think I posted on it elsewhere, but gDiapers seemed to be more convenient than cloth, and were at least as environmentally friendly as cloth, if not more. Also, because we were both working, we used a diaper service for our cloth, and there were times (overnight, travelling away from home for the holidays) where we found we needed to use disposable, thus we were paying a set amount no matter how many cloth diapers we used. For a similar amount, we could get the gDiapers, and if, for some reason, we didn’t use a lot in one month, the gDiapers (and thus, in a way, the cost) carried over to the next month, if that makes sense. Those are some of the big reasons. Thanks for stopping by!]

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