Bugs (Part 5)

November 14, 2011

So we waited and waited for this thing to hatch.. one day, Ms. Kaz went into my daughter’s room and said, “oh! It hatched!”

It was an exciting day. We took pictures and tried to learn what to feed it (sugar water) and tried to keep it alive until Baba arrived. I am not sure we were doing it right, or if the butterfly was “getting it”. It didn’t appear to be interested in eating. Part of its wing broke off (malnutrition?).

We managed to keep it alive a few days, then convince my daughter that we needed to let it go. We had a small Release Party for the butterfly. Somehow, when getting the butterfly cage from her room, the butterfly managed to escape. After chasing it around for 5 minutes, we were able to get it back in and down to the backyard.

The beautiful thing is that, after release, it flew directly to the butterfly bush my daughter had us plant a few years earlier. Maybe because it was starving, it spent plenty of time drinking (and posing for pictures) before flying off.

Easter Fish

March 16, 2008

easter fishMy daughter has really been into drawing and painting lately. And she’s gotten pretty good at making things look a bit like the thing she is trying to draw.

The other day, Ms. Kaz and she were making cards for Easter for everyone. Today, she showed me how she made one, and made this most awesome drawing. It was so awesome, in fact, I had to change the blog’s header (look up!).

The card is actually for one of our cats, but that’s okay, because it means I get to keep it around the house.

When she showed it to me, she told me, “this fish is mad because it has to live in dirty water…”

I am glad to see she’s learning about her environment. Now we just need to get her to draw some angry birds and perhaps a whole line of angry animals. She might even be able to pay her way through college!

She also drew a most awesome “buggy guy” and a parrot, which I will have to upload some time.

Will it ever slow down..?

October 31, 2007

Work’s been crazy. Home’s been crazy. I’ve got a post on Post Partum Doulas that I have been working on for a couple days. Hopefully, I’ll have that out soon. In the meantime, here’s a quick post about my daughter’s environmental conservation education.

Why we don’t waste toilet paper – “It will make the trees sad”
Why we don’t waste water – “It will make the fish sad”
Why we don’t waste electricity – “It will make the robots sad”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go participate in a Robot Parade.

Not just a Wee bit green

August 17, 2007

Wee Generation

As I agonize over whether to buy the Maxi-Cosi Mico car seat without seeing one in person first, I find myself drifting back to the BabyStyle website over and over. Today, I noticed a link talking about a new website, Wee Generation, which is a collaboration between green products producer, 7th Generation, BabyStyle, and Healthy Child Healthy World (formerly CHEC), an organization which helps promote a healthy environment for our children.

This site was created to help educate parents on how they can become “Greener”, for their children’s sake, as well as, apparently, to one day move merchandise make green products available to parents. They are starting with “the first diaper bag to be Cradle-to-Cradle certified, and they are looking for input on design. If you add you input, you will be eligible to win one when they are produced.

They are also giving away organic baby tees, and a green nursery make-over.

Eventually, there’ll be more tips and a blog for info on Green Parenting (note to Wee Generation: my email address is over there to the right if you need writers).

It looks like it could be something very fun and exciting, so check it out.

(I also didn’t realize BabyStyle had a Green Shop here.)

This is planet Earth

July 25, 2007

… you’re looking at planet Earth. Bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop…

Welcome what I can only assume are aliens looking for planet Earth. I’ve been getting pounded (well, for me, anyway) by people searching the internet for “Earth” (or “earth” or “EARTH”). Not sure why. I’d take you to my leader, but, well, I think he’s an alien, so you probably already know him.

Anyhow, I haven’t posted in a while, so you’re probably wondering if I’ve been kidnapped by aliens. Well, no. But I have been pretty busy. Especially at work. Except for today, when our network was down for, like, 3 hours, and I had to play about 20 games of bubble hockey (yeah, at work… cool, eh?).

Here’s a few things happening:

  • I’m still preparing my daughter’s new room for painting. We’re still on target for purple. She told someone recently that I was going to paint her windows green. Uh, wha? I think she is thinking of our discussion about green curtains.
  • Oh, and it is still, in her mind, a “Tinkerbell bedroom”. I’m searching now for some small, subtle Tinkerbell wall decals I can discretely sprinkle around the room.
  • And I am leaning toward Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony (low- and no- VOC paints). Possibly “Kismet” for the color.

Okay, that was an update entire composed of moving my daughter into her Big Girl Room. Not much else going on these days, other than avoiding coming up with a boy’s name…

What’s new in your world (Earth, or otherwise) ??


July 22, 2007

I used to post on weekends.

I remember reading that it was one way to increase blog traffic, since most of us slackers take the weekends off (or, like Clare’s dad, take a whole week off).

And, I always intend to, but, well, time always seems to slip away. Just like I always intend to post lots of tips about how to be a Green Parent. Yet, I can never keep up.

I mean, we’ve got one kid and another on the way. There’s no way I could post of whole list of Green tips, let alone post one on the weekend!

Oh, wait. Damn that LA Daddy!!

(I’ll get him. Ms. Kaz is reading that new Harry Potter book (I think it is called “Harry Potter VII”) — I’ll tell LA Daddy the ending!)

Green Baby Announcements

July 20, 2007

When you have a baby, and are trying to raise a green family, your first challenge could very well be how to announce your new arrival. Okay, it probably won’t be your first eco-challenge, but one of the first you may face after the birth of your little one.

Everyone wants to know, so you gotta let ’em know. Sure, you could e-mail an announcement, but good luck walking
Grandma through the steps of checking her email a month later when you ask her how she liked the announcement, and she says, “What announcement?”

birth announcmentsWell, thanks to the folks at drool.icio.us, I found out about these really nice eco-friendly announcements from Fine Moments (those Babble folks do surprise me now and then).

There’s a gazillion (that’s a word now, right?) choices, and I like them all. You can add your own photo, and inside message. No wood is used anywhere in the manufacturing process, according to their website(I guess they don’t put the paper on wood pallets…) Anyway, the key is, they are printed on 100% recycled paper (unlike that Harry Potter book you are going to buy).

No word on eco-friendly inks, so I assume traditional inks.

These could very well be the front runners for our baby announcements in a couple months. Relatives only. The rest of you can read it here.

(100% recycled paper birth announcements from Fine Moments, starting at $3.85 per — good lord, is that what announcements cost these days??)