Conversations with…: The 5th Beatle

January 23, 2009

For whatever reason – whether it is my mediocre guitar playing, my adequate singing, or my average looks, I am not sure – my daughter has occasionally told me I should be in the Beatles. During a similar discussion recently, we had the following exchange:

Me: But who would they kick out of the Beatles to make room for me?
Daughter: Uhm… Ringo!
Me: But I don’t know how to play drums.
Daughter: Uhm… George.
Me: I could probably handle guitar. You couldn’t kick out Paul or John, right?
Daughter: Right!
Me: Why not? What do they contribute to the band?
Daughter: Uhm… handsomeness.
Me: Yes, amongst 4 1/2 year old music historians, John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s greatest contribution to music was their handsomeness.

On the plus side, she thinks I would be the most handsome of the Beatles!

Well, Paul, when you want to get the band back together, you know where to find me…


Misc. Random Stuff

November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving is coming, and tomorrow, we’re driving back to the Buffalo area. This is the first time we’ll have gotten to go back since last Christmas. I’ll actually be taking 3 vacation days, in addition to the 2 holidays and 2 weekend days. That’ll bring my grand total of days off this year to 9, which will leave me with 8 to use up in December. Sounds like a recipe to 3 day weekends…

I’m also really digging Paul McCartney’s new stuff (The Fireman, free listens here).

Oh, and we’re going to Disney World in February, partly for my 40th next birthday, but, really, mostly for the kids. Looking for tips for 4 year olds and 1 year olds… and for vegetarian dining.

My daughter has only seen previews for the movie, Bolt, but already is making me play Bolt with her, based on her understanding of the story. “I’d really like a stuffed Bolt,” she told me. “Maybe we can ask Santa. I am not even sure if they make a stuffed Bolt,” I told her, thinking it best to hedge my bets in case Santa doesn’t get it for her. Her response? “Well, then Santa can make it!” Of course. I don’t know how to argue that one.

Have a great Thanksgiving, all!

Little Life Observations

February 4, 2008

Still busy – between working, being a dad, and feeling guilty about doing more of the former than the latter. There’s been a few things I’ve been meaning to touch on lately, though…

  • I just put together the fact that, in The Little Mermaid (Disney’s), Ariel states that she is 16, and later in the movie, which is presumably just a couple weeks later, she gets married.
  • My daughter watched The Little Mermaid II the other day, and, despite Prince Eric and Ariel being 12 years older, they don’t look a day older than the first movie. (16 + 12 = only 28, but still…)
  • We have gotten yet another lunch box for my daughter. This one combines the best of the first three, but we’re just trying out for the first time tomorrow, so I’ll have to hold off on a review. I think we have a winner with this one, though.
  • When I lived in the Buffalo area, I used to listen to CFNY 102.1 out of Toronto all the time. One show I found fascinating was Alan Cross’ Ongoing History of New Music. It was well researched and well done, and the topics were usually very interesting. Now that I am working crazy amounts of time, I’ve been listening to the archives while working, and really getting into it. If you like music, you should check it out.
  • We’ve got an invitation to a wedding in the US Virgin Islands in April. We’re deciding (a) if I’ll be able to get away from work to go, (b) we are not insane for considering doing this trip with an almost 4 year old and a 6 month old.
  • My daughter finally got to go to the playroom at IKEA. I didn’t realize the held you to a time limit, but we didn’t need that much time anyway. She seemed to have fun. The idea of The Ball Pit scares me, but she didn’t look too covered with little kid germs.
  • Oh, yeah, and I’ve got a birthday coming up…

Paul McCartney’s Balloons

October 12, 2007

It took me a few seconds to realize it was my daughter crying, not the baby.

“Daddy..? Where are you..?”

I stumbled down the hallway, telling my mother-in-law that it was the older one, not the baby, and that she can go back to sleep (yeah, she’s been spoiling us by getting up in the middle of the night to help).  I got into my daughter’s room, and she looked somewhat awake.

Daughter:  Where are the balloons, daddy?
Me: Hm? What balloons?
Daughter: The ones from, uhm… uhm.. uhm.. who’s that Beatle guy?
Me: Paul?
Daughter: Right, Paul ‘Cartney.
Me: What about Paul McCartney, sweetie?
Daughter: What words are on the balloons?
Me: Balloons? Paul McCartney’s balloons?
Daughter: Right.
Me: I dunno sweetie, go back to sleep.

In the morning, I was able to quiz her some more on her dream…

Me: Can you tell me more about the balloons, sweetie?
Daughter: Paul McCartney’s balloons.
Me: Right.
Daughter: I was chasing them. Why was I chasing them, daddy?
Me: I don’t know, sweetie, you were the one chasing them. Why?
Daughter: I wanted them to go far away! Up in the tree!

But where had these mysterious balloons come from?

Me: Were they in his house?
Daughter: Yeah! They were coming out of his window.
Me: Oh. What color were they?
Daughter: Brown, probly, or  black, probly.
Me: Oh, brown probably or black probably.
Daughter: Black, probly.

But what about those mysterious words?

Me: What words were on them?
Daughter: What words were on them?
Me: I dunno. I didn’t see them. What letters were on there?
Daughter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G!
Me: Oh, abcadefguh.
Daughter: No, I’m not abcadefguh!
Me: No, I meant — oh, nevermind.
Daughter: Why was I chasing them, daddy?

So, Paul, if you are out there, I apologize on behalf of my daughter for chasing your balloons away.

Arts & Ideas

June 8, 2007

One of the things we always try to do every year is to take advantage of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, a yearly festival which takes place here in New Haven, CT. They offer some very interesting concerts, performances, discussions, displays, etc. each year – many of which are free. And some of which are geared toward children. If you are in the area, you should check it out.

This year, the festival offers a lot of programs geared at participating in The Big Read. And this year, the Big Read features the book To Kill a Mockingbird. I have to admit – I didn’t re-read this book which I read over 20 years ago. And I am not even sure I’ll be participating in any of the Big Read events.

There was one related event that caught my eye, however. It was a discussion of To Kill a Mockingbird and its relationship to fatherhood. The discussion is sponsored by the Male Involvement Network, a group which “helps non-custodial fathers to be more responsible nurturing parents,” as well as “designing new services and in advocating for new public policies to assist non-custodial fathers.”

It sounds like an interesting discussion, lead by an important group. And it is always nice to see fatherhood being given the importance it deserves.

Of course, there are other great children’s programs being offered, such as the Dan Zane concert, children’s concerts offered by the American Wind Symphony, Kromatik (which bills itself as a French nouvelle cirque, where the kids become part of the show), and many other music, dance and arts offerings. You can find more here.

There are many adult events, as well. Including a discussion, led by Spike Lee, of his collaboration with Terence Blanchard, who has provided the score for many of Spike Lee’s films.

The Festival runs from 6/9 to 6/23 in New Haven, CT.

Wanna be a baby…

June 4, 2007

When my daughter was much, much younger, I put together a little movie of still photos set to Paul McCartney’s song, Calico Skies. I used iMovie and tried to get a photo of her with each of our immediate family members.

We used to play the movie for her all the time, and she enjoyed watching it, and playing, “Who’s that?” with us.

My daughter hadn’t seen it in a while. But recently, in the car with Ms. Kaz, it came up on random play on my wife’s iPod (I bought her this really cool thing to hook it up to the car stereo system and use the touch-screen and steering wheel controls, but that’s another story).

My daughter became really upset. Not the “I didn’t get what I want” or “I am over-tired” upset. Rather, genuinely, real-tears, real-sad upset. Afterwards, she told Ms. Kaz that she “was upset about daddy.” We figured she associated the song with me, and missed me.

Then came Friday night… Read the rest of this entry »


March 13, 2007

hello kitty guitar

My daughter has always taken an interest in playing music. As much as a 2 1/2 year old can, at least. We have little keyboards, and xylophones, and rattles, a harmonica, a drum…
And from an early age (her’s, not mine) I’ve let her play around with one of my guitars — I’ve got three, and there is one I bought with the idea that it would be her’s one day (and, of course, I would need to buy a new one for myself when that day comes – I’m not stupid).

This morning, I read an artcle about guitar makers developing lines of guitars to attract girls. Okay, the reason all of us guys have guitars is to attract girls. In this case, by attract, I mean they are hoping to get girls to buy and play these guitars (okay, being Big Business, they may not care if they ever play them, as long as they buy them). These guitars come in pink, or with Hello Kitty on them, or in the shape of flowers, etc.


I am hoping my daughter is interested enough in playing at this point – she has told me that she wants to be in a band some day – that we won’t need to get her a pink guitar. Thank goodness there isn’t (yet) a Little Mermaid guitar, or I know she’d want that.

But, really – pink guitars? What’s next? Pink hockey sticks?? Oh, wait

[Kaz: Okay, to be fair, the Hello Kitty guitar is pretty cool, and if my daughter really wanted a pink guitar, I am sure I would cave. And, to be fair as well, I think it is actually pretty awesome for these hockey players to use pink sticks to honor the people who have battled breast cancer and raise money to fight it.]

UPDATE: Bad Hair Dad discusses boys v. girls clothing and his daughter’s pink soccer jersey here.