April 21, 2008

Yeah, yeah, enough about the BPA…

Well, we’ve tried to be good about avoiding the BPA stuff for The Boy. We started with glass bottles, moved the the Green To Grow bottles as the boy grew (and grew, and grew – 97 percentile for height – yowza!) and became more of a chow hound. Went through and tried to make sure all our daughter’s sippy cups were “clean” and all.

Then, the other day, we realized that, when we made a new batch of formula for the baby, we put the powdered stuff in the bottle, added the hot water to the.. uh.. the plastic bottle. Hmm.. that doesn’t sound right. We checked the bottom of the bottle – a dreaded #5 plastic.

So, now we’re on a search for a glass version. We need 32oz, but with the little measuring lines on the side, like our plastic bottles had. Right now, we’re making formula in a 32oz glass measuring cup, waiting for it to cool, then pouring into the plastic.

This is less than ideal. So… if anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated!

For now, we’re trying not to worry. After all, my daughter had all her formula this way and probably got a lot of BPA in her system. And she seems pretty normal– er… oh, crap.

[Update: GeekLady points out to me that #5 is not the bad plastic. I swore I read that somewhere. Maybe I just got my numbers confused. Maybe I should be relying on Z Recommends instead…]


Easter Fish

March 16, 2008

easter fishMy daughter has really been into drawing and painting lately. And she’s gotten pretty good at making things look a bit like the thing she is trying to draw.

The other day, Ms. Kaz and she were making cards for Easter for everyone. Today, she showed me how she made one, and made this most awesome drawing. It was so awesome, in fact, I had to change the blog’s header (look up!).

The card is actually for one of our cats, but that’s okay, because it means I get to keep it around the house.

When she showed it to me, she told me, “this fish is mad because it has to live in dirty water…”

I am glad to see she’s learning about her environment. Now we just need to get her to draw some angry birds and perhaps a whole line of angry animals. She might even be able to pay her way through college!

She also drew a most awesome “buggy guy” and a parrot, which I will have to upload some time.

Green to Grow Bottles

November 28, 2007

Oh, hey, did I mention we got our http://www.greentogrow.com/ a couple weeks ago? I mentioned them originally here. You know, the Bisphenol-A and Phthalate free ones?

Well, we used them fairly extensively for the first time on our trip back home for Thanksgiving. I like ’em. There are, like with everything, good and bad point about them, which I will attempt to outline here:


  • Plastic. And not the bad plastic. We like glass, but to put the glass in a diaper bag is not something we like to do.
  • 5 ounce size. The glass we have are 4 oz. Believe me, the extra ounce comes in handy. Especially when travelling. We also have some Born Free Bottles, but they only come in sizes which are way too big right now.
  • They are kind of cool looking. Yeah, I know – silly, but a plus, none the less.


  • As I mentioned before, they are a bit pricier than glass. Maybe that will change if more people buy them.
  • The stuff printed on the bottle scratches easily. We didn’t have this problem with the Avent plastic bottles we used with my daughter. And we used those for years. It isn’t really that big a deal if the cute cartoon fruit guy on the front gets scratched. But, if we lose the measurement stuff on the back… that won’t be quite so okay.

Overall, we’re happy with them. Will we buy more? Probably not. We use glass in the house, and three is sufficient for most travelling. Maybe when we move up to a bigger size for him, but then again, we already have the Born Free in the bigger size…

Bottle Quest

November 6, 2007

Yowzers! Just caught a glimpse of these bottles over at ApartmentTherapy.

G-to-G bottleG-to-G bottleManufactured by GreenToGrow, these bottles are Bisphenol-A and Phthalate free. And they look friggin’ awesome.

They are a bit pricey ($7.49 for a 5 oz, up to $10.49 for a 10 oz, wide neck bottle), but they, well, look pretty awesome. Oh, and the whole “not full of bad stuff” is pretty awesome, too.

And the website this husband and wife team put together is chock full of educational resources to help educate parents about creating a health environment (and not just limited to bottles!) for their kids. And we’re definitely all for that!

Of course, we already purchased some Born Free plastic bottles (9 oz bottles go for about $9-10 each, so the cost is comperable), but they are way to big for our son right now. It might be nice to grab a couple of these 5 oz bottles).

So… even if you aren’t interested in purchasing, head over to their site and check ’em out! They are at GreenToGrow.com.

Previously: WeeGo BPA-free Bottles, and a little blurb about Born Free Bottles.

A variety of things

November 5, 2007

Lots of stuff going on, but little time to talk about them…

  • We gotta move this boy out of our room. He’s in a bassinet now, and half the night he shuffles and grunts and we just gotta get him out of here. That being said, we’ve gone with the cadillac of monitors – the Philips SCD 590. Pricey, yes, but it is very feature-laden, and Thingamababy gave it a great review. This is a newer model – sacrificing temperature readout for a second receiver.  I look forward to reviewing it here… in a few days.
  • We went with the Eco-friendly birth announcements at FineMoments. Again, a bit pricey, but they seem really nice. We’ll let you know how we like ’em.
  • Toys-R-Us has announced a recall of their Elite Operations toys due to an unsafe lead content. No injuries have been reported, but they recommend you remove the toys from your home and return them to your local Toys-R-Us for a refund. Toys-R-Us recalled their army guys — doesn’t seem to be that difficult, now, does it?
  •  The WeeGo Bottles availability date is now “early November” … and it appears they are one step closer to their on-line store.
  • Speaking of which, the Tyler Morning Telegraph (TX) quoted me in their on-line edition here, in an article titled “Are Plastics Hazardous for Babies?” They didn’t ask, but I don’t mind (although a link to the blog would have been nice!). My section is followed up by a quote from a Dr. Cherry mentioning choosing between the risk of chemicals and the risk of cuts from glass bottles. Ms. Kaz and I made a conscious decision not to give our son broken glass bottles to play with… Seriously, though, we don’t have this concern now because (a) he’s too young to hold the bottle, and thus throw the bottle, himself, and (b) we have hardwood floors, which I am sure would cushion a falling bottle enough to at least avoid breakage.

Sorry about another “quickies” post. I hope to have something more substantial soon!

Will it ever slow down..?

October 31, 2007

Work’s been crazy. Home’s been crazy. I’ve got a post on Post Partum Doulas that I have been working on for a couple days. Hopefully, I’ll have that out soon. In the meantime, here’s a quick post about my daughter’s environmental conservation education.

Why we don’t waste toilet paper – “It will make the trees sad”
Why we don’t waste water – “It will make the fish sad”
Why we don’t waste electricity – “It will make the robots sad”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go participate in a Robot Parade.

Wee Need Bottles

September 15, 2007

Wee Bottles

Into the final month, we are starting to realize all the stuff we still need, and are scambling to get them. One thing we are still working on is deciding on bottles. We used the Avent ones with our daughter (yeah, plastic — we may have to just give up all hope for her), but want a safer, or at least more “green” alternative.

That is why I was excited to read about these Wee Go bottles by Babylife (thanks, Babble!).

These glass bottles are bisphenol A-free. The bottles, rings, nipples, and sleeves also contain no phthalate, PVC or polycarbonates. They are dishwasher and boiling safe, and are also recyclable!

The plastic special non-plastic covering makes them less prone to breaking due to impact, and are also designed to help baby’s grip. Plus, they look pretty sharp.

The bad news is that they are not yet available. I spoke to them (via email), and they told me they are looking at a shipping date of October 19th at various retailers. They also hope to open up an on-line store soon.

Generally, these bottles run a little high in price (the Born Free BPA-free plastic and glass bottles are about $9-11 each). These bottles are no exception – the retail price will be $18 each. So… they aren’t for everyone.

UPDATE: The new “available” date is October 31st. Just in time for Halloween…

UPDATE #2: We went with the Green To Grow bottles, which are BPA-free, lightweight plastic. And nice looking, too. And a bit cheaper. Read about ’em here and here.