What good are dads?

March 9, 2008

I’ve been working a lot of crazy hours at work, so I’ve been missing some quality time with the kids. Since I knew I’d be working late the other night, I decided to take my daughter to school in the morning. Well, that, and I wanted to be there when she showed off the Fox In Sox shirt I made her for her Big Girl School’s Dr. Seuss days.

I dropped her off, got her settled, said goodbye. On the way out, I heard her teacher remark about how cool her shirt was (front and back!). “Wow! Your mommy did a great job!”

Of course. It is always the mommy’s who do the creative stuff with the kids. It wasn’t that Ms. Kaz couldn’t do just as good a job with the shirt. It was just, well, it involved scanning and cropping and Photoshopping and printing and, well, I just get into that kind of stuff, so I just sort of took control of the process.

But I still felt a bit dejected as I closed the door.

My daughter, however, came to my defense… just as I was shutting the door, I heard her say, “My daddy did it!”

That was a good start to the day.

So very very tired

March 3, 2008

Couple of quick things…

The boy is getting good at rolling onto his belly. Unfortunately, the time he is best at it is 4am. Also unfortunate, he does not know how to roll back onto his back at 4am. Also unfortunately, this frustrates him very much… at 4am.

As for Dr. Seuss days at Big Girl School, we went with the very excellent suggestion of using iron-on inkjet transfer paper and blank t-shirts. The results were better than expected. We went with Cindy Lou Who for one, and Fox In Sox (with a Tweedle-Beetle on the back) for the other. The process is not perfect, but was perfect for what we needed in a short time frame.

Conversations With…: Huh?

February 28, 2008

I’m working a lot lately, and some nights I come home just in time for bedtime. I think my daughter feels the need to cram in a lot of conversation during the time I go in there to sing her a song. Tonight, I had the following gems:

“This snake is a water snake because it is water proof and I can take it out in the rain because it is water proof, that’s why it’s a water snake.”

“That’s why I couldn’t talk to you because I came home and I had a spell on me and I turned into a swan and died forever.”

“This is the baby bear. There’s no mommy bear that’s why it is mine and I have to take care of it.”

Oh, and next week is Dr. Seuss week at Big Girl School, so if anyone knows where we can get some Dr. Seuss clothes quick (i.e. not ordering on the internet, but perhaps at a mall store or chain), let me know!

Of dresses and little girls…

August 3, 2007

Maybe I need Bad Hair Dad‘s help with this one.

My daughter loves to wear dresses. I’ve got no problem with her loving dresses. Afterall, she’s like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen when she wears her dresses. And she’s got lots of nice ones.

The problem is, she has a ton of shirts and shorts sitting in her drawers untouched.

I try to steer her toward the shorts and tees every day. She heads right for the dresses.

I asked her why she like dresses so much. The answer should have been obvious — “because”.

I’ve got several theories. I don’t think it has to do (so much) with her being “girly” or because all the Princesses wear dresses (even though she asks us, “Cinderella wears pants?”, “Yep. Cinderella wears pants sometimes.”).

I think it has to do with one of the following, or some combination: (a) ease of getting dressed, (b) ease of going Potty, (c) feeling cooler, (d) feeling less restricted.

Damn, I am starting to think maybe I should wear a dress.

Anyhow, if anyone needs to un-used 3T shorts and shirts, let me know…

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

January 22, 2007

Everything around our house lately seems to (still) revolve around the Wizard of Oz.

We were at Target the other day, and as Ms. Kaz was looking at clothes, my daughter and I went to check out the toy aisle. One of the things we discovered there were dress-up costumes and other toys that were obvious rip-offs of characters they apparently could not or did not want to pay for the rights to.

RubySlippersWhat we found was a costume set of “Dorothy,” complete with “ruby slippers,” and a “good witch” outfit with crown and wand. Not from The Wizard of Oz, mind you, the set just happened to have clothes similar to that of two characters from that movie.

Well, I hate to admit it, but we pretty much just bought the set (hey, it was kind of cheap) so our daughter could wear the ruby slippers. We looked for a pair of sparkly, red Mary Janes, since Ms. Kaz remembers seeing them there last year, but they no longer carried them. So, these costumes would have to suffice.

We never really played dress-up with our daughter before, aside from the occasional paper bag robot. She is now addicted to dressing in these costumes. She actually likes the good witch one better than the one with the ruby slippers.

She insists on wearing this costume during reading/milk/snack time prior to bed. Last night, she asked if she could wear the costume to bed. I fell back on the standard excuse, “Sorry, it will make too much noise, and keep you up at night.” Apparently, this is acceptable to a 2 1/2 year old.

The other day, she also bit her tongue, and I used the wand to “magically heal it” — “BLING! All better!”

Now, Ms. Kaz and I have to stick our tongues out, pretending we bit them, so my daughter can wave the wand, and go “BLING!”

We’ve ventured down the dress-up path, and there’s no turning back.

Here are some other Oz-related tidbits:

  • My daughter has begun quoting the line, “Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” The cute thing is that she does it in the soft little voice. I think she is trying to say it like Glinda, the good witch.
  • Speaking of this line, what’s the deal with Glinda telling Dorothy that, “only bad witches are ugly”?? What kind of lesson is that teaching kids?
  • The other day, when my daughter was making me be Dorothy (yeah, I know…), we have the following conversation:

Daughter: Your name is tortilla!
Me: Tortilla?
Daughter: Tortilla Lemon!

I think this may be Dorothy’s porn name…

Conversations with…: Getting Dressed

December 30, 2006

I never knew a kid could not want to get dressed so badly…

Me: Okay, time to get dressed.
Daughter: I don’t wanna get dressed. I wanna play.
Me: We can either get dressed or sit quietly and stare at the walls.
Daughter: … stare at walls.
Me: Okay.
Daughter: …
Me: …
Daughter: …
Me: …
Daughter: What are we doin?
Me: Staring at the walls.
Daughter …
Me: …
Daughter: We’re not doing anything!
Me: We’re staring at the walls … Tell you what – we can get dressed and then we can play. How’s that option?
Daughter: Not good. Let’s stare at walls.
Me: Okay…

I think we stared at the walls another 3 or 4 minutes until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I think she was prepared to wait me out, though.

Family Ties

December 15, 2006

Last night was my company’s holiday party. It is an extravagent (i.e. they spend a lot of money on it) affair, with a couple thousand people all dressed to impress.

After I dusted off and squeezed into my suit, I headed downstairs to say goodbye and goodnight to my daughter. She had never seen me in a tie before. At least, not that she could remember. When I came down the stairs and she saw me, she said, “THAT’S a funny scarf!”