You like me! You really like me!

February 20, 2007

… or you hate me. I can’t decide. Either way, I’ve been tagged again. This time for 5 Odd Things About Me. I’m not sure I can totally separate this from 6 Things You Don’t Know About Me, but I will try.

1. I almost constantly make sound. Okay, I am getting better, but I think this is a big reason why my parents wanted me out of the house. Whether it is whistling, making funny noises, tapping, snapping or doing my human beatbox thing, I always seem to feel the need to make sound.

2. I like most foods that start with ‘P’. Dare I say, I have a penchant for foods which start with ‘P’ ?? Pizza, popcorn, peanut butter, pasta, potato chips, pears (I always tell my wife that while I like apples better, I still appreciate a nice pear) even pancakes.

3. My wife always tells me it isn’t OCD, but I like to have routines for doing things. Whether it is morning rituals or bedtime rituals, I tend to do things in the same order and the same way. I always need to have things in the same place. When my mother-in-law visits, god bless her for helping out and doing the dishes, but she — through no fault of her own! — doesn’t always put stuff exactly where we put it.

Those were the easy ones… let’s see if I can finish this list off…

4. In my life, or at least since I was about 5, I’ve only had three people cut my hair. And one of those people only cut it, like, 2 or 3 times. And it isn’t like I have long hair — I get it cut 4 or 5 times a year. Of course, I do it when I go “back home”, which is about 6 hours away.

Did I mention that I have a fear of sloths..?

5. Okay, maybe this isn’t so odd, but I tend to research stuff to death before making major, or even some small buying decisions. Yet, despite all the research, it still takes me a long time to finally pull the trigger. I research.. come to a decision.. research some more.. change my mind.. research some more.. My father-in-law will research a thing to death. But, he’ll do it in 2 or 3 days, then make his decision and stand by it. I think the problem is, if you look hard enough, you will find someone who has something negative to say about anything.

I guess I am the same way with posts sometimes. I will write, and revise, and it will wind up taking me a week to answer something as simple as 5 odd things about me.

And now I have to pass this on, eh? Okay, I will give fellow CT dad, Clare’s Dad a chance to answer this one…


To Be or Not To Be

February 15, 2007

I’ve been “tagged” by LA Daddy. I am supposed to tell you 6 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

I’ve always seen other people being tagged, and I’ve seen people not respond to being tagged. Part of me always thought I would be in the latter group.

But then I was tagged. And I realized that if I did not respond, people might be … offended? Turned off? I dunno. I respect LA Daddy, though, and I love his writing. I am honored he chose me! And this one really isn’t that bad. So, assuming I can come up with 6 while still respecting my family’s privacy, I will do it.

But I still reserve the right to decline one I think will be too… personal.

1. I’ve mentioned before that I do a lot of voices. But the one I am most proud of is my Alf voice. I’ve been told it is dead on. And c’mon — how many people can do an Alf voice. I’ve not even heard Rich Little do an Alf voice!

2. I’ve won an Emmy. I do work in the television field. Sure, I work in technology, but for a company in the television industry. And the work we do in our technology group is vital to the shows we put out.

Okay, 2 down, 4 to go. I really wish I hadn’t previously mentioned my fear of sloths…

3. I’ve been a computer geek for over 30 years now. My father was a computer programmer, thanks to the army, and got us (what I assume is) a good deal on an Apple ][ computer in Connecticut (we lived in the Buffalo area). So, in third grade, I had a computer in my home. Within a couple years, I was do some very basic programming, and running my own BBS system. And if I haven’t convinced you of my geekiness in my younger days yet — I used to play Dungeons and Dragons.

4. I play a little guitar. No, I don’t mean I play a ukulele. I mean I have three guitars and every once in a while I will pick one up and play. Of course, my daughter always has to play one of the others, but that’s cool. I hope she does have an interest in music. Anyhow, thanks to the internet and on-line guitar tabs, plus some talented friends, I am pretty much self-taught. I am not great, but I’ve written a couple nice ditties for “the kitten” and one for my daughter when she was younger.

5. My first “celebrity crush” was in 3rd grade, and it was Dorothy Hamil. Hey, I was in 3rd grade!

6. I have a gym membership. Don’t worry – I don’t think the people at the gym know about this either. I like to think I get enough exercise chasing a 2 1/2 year old around, but who am I kidding? Certainly not our scale.

So now I am supposed to tag someone else and hope they forgive me… I will choose Tessa over at BoobJuiceFactory because I like her writing and think everyone should go check her blog out… plus I am not sure I’ve seen her do one of these yet.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been tagged again! (I’d be angry at How About Two’s Rob, but he’s having twins, so he’ll get his due!)

New Pages

September 20, 2006

Okay, one of my goals here was to share some information on being a green, treehugging parent. At least to get my readers to try a few things to make their child healthier and their child’s world a better place.

To help me accomplish this, I’ve added two new pages at the top there (look up) — Things We Love, and Places We Love.

Things we love will hopefully grow to include many of the products – natural, green, etc. – that we ourselves use and think everyone should use. Or consider using.

Places we loves are websites we like to go for news and information (and sometimes just for fun).

They are still in the early stages, so check ’em out now, and check ’em out often, and let me know what you think.

I hate snaps…

July 29, 2006

Okay, so Ms. Kaz keeps telling me that I need to explain the title of my blog to everyone who reads here. Me? I want to wait until anyone actually reads this blog don’t think dads need this explained.

I’m not a big guy. More of an average-sized guy. But, damn if those little tiny snaps (on newborn Onesies(tm), especially) don’t make me feel like I have these big meaty hands. And, if being tiny weren’t enough, they have three of them so freakin’ close to each other…

And don’t even get me started on finally getting two of them snapped, only to realize they aren’t lined up correctly.

So, no, I don’t feel I need to explain the title of this blog.

Post a comment, let me know that someone actually reads my blog I am not the only dad out there who wishes for velcro Onesies(tm).


July 14, 2006

I am a new daddy.

Okay, my daughter recently turned 2 years old. But she’s our first. Everyday, she makes me feel like a new dad. Every day bring some new joy. Every day also brings some new challenge that my wife and I are totally clueless about how to deal with, other than go with our instincts (our instincts telling us to call our moms and ask what to do).

So, I’ve convinced my wife to let me be a daddyblogger. My intention is to share what we’ve been through, what we are going through, and what we might someday be going through. My other intention is to use the blog as a way for dads, new and old, to share ideas, advice, bitch and moan, etc.

Not that it is just for dads. No, I’ve been around enough daddyblogs to know that at least half the readers (or maybe just the commenters) are mommies (welcome mommies!) who are here to keep tabs on us.

But anyway, back to my daughter, of whom you’ll probably hear a lot about. My daughter has taught me a lot of things in two years; she’s taught me what it feels like to love a child, and to be loved by a child. She’s taught me to have more patience than I ever thought I could have. She’s taught me things about myself I never knew, like how much I really really hate snaps.