I Must Be Rich!

At bedtime, we sing The Boy a song or two, then place him in his crib and walk out, and he goes to sleep.

At bedtime, my wife sings my daughter two song, I tell her a Pokemon story (different combinations of the same plot lines over and over), do a nighttime dance, sing her songs, and we talk about what to dream about. The processes couldn’t be any different (especially in terms of length of time!). And this doesn’t even count the number of times she calls us back up.

Anyhow, she always complains about having trouble falling asleep. The reason we talk about what to dream about is because I taught her a trick I sometimes use, which is to think about what to dream about. I likely never dream the actual dream, but it helps me fall asleep.

Unfortunately, I am the one who needs to decide what she should think about.

So, one night, we have a dream which involves leprechauns and their pot of gold. This seemed to get my daughter’s interest, and lead to the following conversation:

Daughter: And leprechaun gold is like a THOUSAND dollars!
Me: Wow! Is that a lot?
Daughter: Yeah! We could buy lots of toys!
Me: Cool!
Daughter: No, we could buy a whole store!
Me: Wow!
Daughter: And I could still have enough left over to GET A JOB!
Me: Uh…
Daughter: I’m going to be a veterinarian!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my job. You poor schmucks with no money probably have no idea what I am talking about…


2 Responses to I Must Be Rich!

  1. aDaddyBlog says:

    Thanks for the smile. Our baby girl is 20 months old and is only just now stringing words together in a moderately coherent fashion. Most of her lengthy soliloquies are as yet just gibberish to my ears. She no doubt, however, knows exactly what she’s saying… and is likely concerned about the apparently senile non sequiturs with which her father responds to her insightful witticisms. I look forward to understanding and having conversations like the above with her. Have a great weekend!

    • Kaz says:

      I have a boy who is 2 1/2 whom I look forward to having conversations with! Of course, that’s unfair to him — he speaks just a few words, but he signs a lot of words (and short sentences!), but he understands just about everything I say to him. I have a feeling he’ll start talking in sentences one day…

      I remember with my daughter (our first child), I was sitting there with her one day and realized I was having a conversation with her. Definitely a strange feeling, but a fun one, as well!

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