January 13, 2010

It is still weird for me, having lived my first 25 years in the Buffalo (NY) area, to think of my kids as not being Buffalonians or even New Yorkers. Every once in a while, something reminds me. The other night, it was my daughter saying something about a “Tag Sale.”

Another reason I think about this is that she is almost 5 1/2, and she doesn’t know how to skate. Part of that is my fault, but part is that we don’t have as many days where the ponds are frozen here in CT as we did back in Buffalo.

Well, all that changed recently when we finally got my daughter out on the ice at open skating.

I haven’t skated in, easily, 10+ years. I had no doubt I could still do it – I just knew I was in for some pain. My feet always hurt if I went too long without skating. But, out there on the ice, holding my daughter’s hands as she learned to skate (actually, just getting comfortable being on the ice), I didn’t anticipate my back and arms hurting so much.

I probably didn’t think I’d be that sore, because I thought my daughter wouldn’t like the lack of balance and the fact that learning to really skate takes a while. But she loved it. We were there almost an hour and a half. And she did really well for a first timer. She liked it so much, she still wanted to do lessons.

So now that we’ve got her signed up for lessons, it is time to get a hockey stick in her hands.

Speaking of hockey, she’s taken a bit of an interest in watching hockey with me. She mostly just likes when the Sabres score. The other night, they were playing the team we love to hate – the Maple Leafs, whom we seem to own lately. I went up to say goodnight to her and told her the Sabres were beating the Leafs, 1-0. Her response? “Oh, they’re so easy to beat!”

I guess she knows more about hockey than I thought!