First Snow Day

I woke up this morning, and noticed a strange kind of light coming through the window shades in the bedroom. I recognized that light. Having grown up in Buffalo, I knew this was “snow light”. Sure enough, peeking through the window, there was snow on the ground.

When my daughter woke up, I had her look out the window. “Snow! Oh my gosh!” she said, “I guess I can’t go to school!”

“It’s only an inch. They aren’t going to cancel school for that!” I told her. Then I remembered that, although I grew up in Buffalo, we were now in Connecticut. So we checked the local news on TV. Sure enough, her school was closed that day. Her first snow day ever.

It reminded me, once again, how strange it is that my kids were born and will be raised in a city and state other than the one I grew up in.

I just hope they learn to drive in snow more like Buffalo drivers, and not like Connecticut drivers!


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