Conversations With…: The Recession’s Tough on Everyone

December 19, 2009

I guess everyone has suffered a bit in this last recession…

Me: Do all birds hibernate (sic)? Or do some stick around in the winter?
Daughter: The snow owl does!
Me: Really? We’ll have to keep an eye out for one…
Daughter: They live in Antarctica!
Me: Really?
Daughter: Yeah! The have camouflage… to protect them from creditors.
Me: Preditors?
Daughter: No, creditors!
Me: Creditors?
Daughter: Creditors.

At least they didn’t get a loan from Big Tony…

Conversations With…: Holiday Spirit

December 16, 2009

Driving in the car last night, out of the blue…

Daughter: Hanukkah isn’t fair…

(I could see what was coming)

Me: How so?
Daughter: They get presents for 8 days and 8 nights!
Me: Well, you’ve already missed 4 days of Hanukkah.. you should wait until next year to convert.

Happy Holidays, all…

First Snow Day

December 9, 2009

I woke up this morning, and noticed a strange kind of light coming through the window shades in the bedroom. I recognized that light. Having grown up in Buffalo, I knew this was “snow light”. Sure enough, peeking through the window, there was snow on the ground.

When my daughter woke up, I had her look out the window. “Snow! Oh my gosh!” she said, “I guess I can’t go to school!”

“It’s only an inch. They aren’t going to cancel school for that!” I told her. Then I remembered that, although I grew up in Buffalo, we were now in Connecticut. So we checked the local news on TV. Sure enough, her school was closed that day. Her first snow day ever.

It reminded me, once again, how strange it is that my kids were born and will be raised in a city and state other than the one I grew up in.

I just hope they learn to drive in snow more like Buffalo drivers, and not like Connecticut drivers!

Santa Train

December 8, 2009

Our town’s annual holiday festival/tree lighting/Santa arrival was this past weekend. It is guaranteed to be the coldest day of the year. This year, three days before the festival, it was 61. I thought we’d break the trend this year, but, sure enough, the temperature dropped about 25 degrees in 3 days, and we froze our behinds off.

The highlight, for the boy (2 years old now), though, was the arrival of Santa. You see, Santa, in our town, arrives via fire truck. The boy (a firetruck lover), had a front row seat and was thrilled to death. Now he gets excited whenever he sees a picture of Santa. Like, really excited.

Of course, I don’t think he gets excited at Santa, The Toy Bringer, but rather Santa, The Train Dude.

As for my daughter, she wants, and I quote, “Just two things [hold up two fingers here] for Christmas.” This of course is good and bad. Good, in that she isn’t getting greedy – she wants just two things for this to be the greatest Christmas ever! Bad, in that one of the things (Barbie Three Musketeers Castle) costs about $135, and she isn’t getting it. This, or course, translates not to Not Getting One of Her Gifts, but rather Not Getting 50% of Her Gifts!

Should be a fun Christmas morning…

Conversations With…: At least she didn’t say “pooch”

December 1, 2009

My daughter’s thing is cats. The boy’s thing is trucks, trains and firetrucks. Which would explain why the toy workbench he got for his birthday only gets occasionally touched.

Today, my daughter decided to actually combine her love of cats with the workbench and decided to play a game where she is a cat, and I am a construction worker. She asked me to name the cat, so I went with a construction theme, and chose the name Rivets, which I thought was a cute cat name.

She had no idea what a rivet was, and even after I explained how it was relevant, she insisted I name cat after a tool. She picked up the toy wrench and said, name the cat after this. “Wrench?” I asked. “Yeah, wrench,” she replied.

After a few minutes of playing, I went into the kitchen to talk to Ms. Kaz. My daughter came in and started talking some more about the game, and I told her to slow down and tell me again…

Daughter: .. so Wrench the cat, and Screw the dog were going…
Me: uh, huh.. wait, what? Wrench the cat and who..?
Daughter: Screw the dog.
Me: …
Daughter: …
Me: That’s a great name for the dog. Tell mommy!

I am looking forward to many more games of Wrench the cat and Screw the dog. I just hope she doesn’t try playing this game at school!