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November 9, 2009

Reading Greg @ Daddy Types’ recent experience with TV commercials here, I was reminded of my own daughter’s thoughts on commercials…

Usually, we hear, “Daddy, can you skip the commercials?” — which works great on the DVR. When we tell her we can’t because it is “live TV”, I think she gets confused. One day, she’ll tell her grandkids about how she occasionally had to sit through the commercials.

On the occasion where she is forced to watch commercials (either because of “live TV”, or us just not bothering to fast-forward through), she would occasionally tell us that a commercial was “important”. Eventually, I discovered this meant “non-toy” or “boring”.

Either that, or Oxy Clean really is that important…


November 6, 2009

So, the rain kind of held off, and the kids went out trick-or-treating.

My daughter was a Barbie-Thumbelina-Fairy-Princess thing or something. The boy was a fireman.

The boy loved it. I am not sure he really understood he was getting candy (not at the time – he figured it out later), but he just seemed to love the idea of going up to people’s houses, getting something out of a bowl, putting it in this strange pumpkin container thing is parents gave him, and carrying it to the next house.

The girl, surprisingly, did not go too crazy… a couple of blocks and she was done. Or just ready to get to the eating part, I’m not sure.

At the end of the night, they picked their 15 pieces of candy and left the rest out for the Candy Fairy to come and trade for a gift.

I am not sure what the Candy Fairy does with all that candy, but if I find it, I’ll let you know. Eventually.