Conversations With…: The New Threats

August 31, 2009

Daughter: If you don’t let me, I’m gonna call a woodpecker!
Kaz: …
Ms. Kaz: …
Daughter: …
Ms. Kaz: And what will the woodpecker do?
Daughter: He’ll PECK the house!

Should I Worry?

August 6, 2009

Last night, getting ready for bed, my daughter told me, “Whenever I go into the bathroom, I am attracted to the potty.”

And the boy, almost 2, still isn’t big on the talking thing. He can do animal sounds (cat, dog, cow, duck, monkey) and go “uh-oh!” whenever he spots a crumb on the floor. The kid’s a crumbophobe. He won’t sit in his highchair or on the couch if there is even the tiniest crumb on there.

The boy better learn to talk. The girl isn’t churning out enough quotes for the blog.