Misc. Random Stuff

Thanksgiving is coming, and tomorrow, we’re driving back to the Buffalo area. This is the first time we’ll have gotten to go back since last Christmas. I’ll actually be taking 3 vacation days, in addition to the 2 holidays and 2 weekend days. That’ll bring my grand total of days off this year to 9, which will leave me with 8 to use up in December. Sounds like a recipe to 3 day weekends…

I’m also really digging Paul McCartney’s new stuff (The Fireman, free listens here).

Oh, and we’re going to Disney World in February, partly for my 40th next birthday, but, really, mostly for the kids. Looking for tips for 4 year olds and 1 year olds… and for vegetarian dining.

My daughter has only seen previews for the movie, Bolt, but already is making me play Bolt with her, based on her understanding of the story. “I’d really like a stuffed Bolt,” she told me. “Maybe we can ask Santa. I am not even sure if they make a stuffed Bolt,” I told her, thinking it best to hedge my bets in case Santa doesn’t get it for her. Her response? “Well, then Santa can make it!” Of course. I don’t know how to argue that one.

Have a great Thanksgiving, all!


2 Responses to Misc. Random Stuff

  1. My *ahem” next birthday is one month and nine days away… when did we get old?!?

    My one saving grace is that I have less gray hair than my father did at 40.

  2. I came across your blog, its great. I like the way of your expression.
    Its speaks you heart.

    Keep posting.

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