Wait, poke a what?

Somehow, my daughter got exposed to Pokemon a few months back. I suspect school.

All our play centers around Pokemon. “You gotta be the bad guy, daddy, and I’m Pikachu!” Okay. Then she lays there and expects me to know what to do. Any play involving Disney movies I can do. I’ve seen them, I know what happens. I can even do a lot of the voices. Pokemon? Not so much.

I try several plot lines and my daughter, Pikachu, just lays there. “You gotta help me out here, sweetie, daddy doesn’t know what to do.”

I’d decide a different tactic to buy time…Years and years ago (okay, only 6 or 7), Ms. Kaz was addicted to her GameBoy Pokemon game. I bought her a GameBoy as a wedding present, figuring she could amuse herself on the plane. I don’t remember how we got the Pokemon game, but she played it a lot (she won’t admit it, and will probably hate me for posting that).

“You know, mommy has a Pokemon game, and knows a lot about Pokemon…”

Heh heh heh.

“You should ask her to show you the game!”

The game held true when my nephew visited. He was totally into Pokemon when he was 10-12 (In fact, Ms. Kaz will hate to admit this, too, but she used to ask him for help). He’s now 19 and probably wants nothing to do with Pokemon. “You know who else was really into Pokemon and knows a lot about Pokemon? Your cousin! You should ask him about it when he comes to visit!”

Anyhow, the distraction didn’t last long. Now I know a lot more about Pokemon than I care to. For example, I know who Trapinch, Charmander, Piplup, Psyduck, Meowth, and a whole bunch of other Pokemon are. I know who Ash is, and I know that Jessie and James are the bad guys. I even know there’s a Pokemon who has a tongue so long, he can capture hundreds of Pokemon with it. And a whole bunch of Pokemon whose defense is stink.

Then I made the mistake of telling my daughter about the Nintendo World store in NYC (or, “The New York City” as my daughter so cutely calls it)… a week before we were going there to visit my sister-in-law.

Anyhow, we went to the Nintendo World store to stock up on Pokemon plushes (we only had Psyduck, and I said she could have 2 or 3 more from the store). My daughter pictured a Pokemon Plush Paradise. Unfortunately, when we got there, they had a selection of about 6 different Pokemon — many of whom I never really heard of before.

Oh, and the worst part — no Pikachu. How could a store that stocks Pokemon not have a Pikachu! Every single kid in the world (except one or two) is in love with Pikachu. My daughter included (“He’s the cutest one and the coolest one!”).

We wound up getting two who happened to be featured in the episode she had watched that morning – apparently to get psyched up or in the zone or something.

Now, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our imported Pikachu, ordered on-line.

Hey, at least it ain’t Beanie Babies!


One Response to Wait, poke a what?

  1. steph says:

    your stories are GREAT!!!! My first born is 3&1/2 and I totally relate. I just had so much fun reading..thanks

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