Beware the Worm

“Eat a good breakfast, and I’ve got a surprise for you!”

When shopping at our local health food store on Saturday, I came across free samples of children’s vitamins. I first noticed the gummy bear ones, which my daughter had before. Then I noticed the sour gummy worm ones. “Sweet! She’ll love eating a worm!” I thought to myself.

So, after eating a good breakfast (by which I mean, 3 bites instead of her usual 2), I gave my daughter the surprise gummy worm. “Eww! Big sister’s eating a worm!” we said to The Boy. Of course, he’s so new that this could very well be perfectly normal behavior as far as he is concerned.

Not long afterward, my daughter complained that her tummy hurt. “Like, you need to throw up hurt, or hurt hurt?” I asked. “It hurts!” was the reply…

Okay, we went through something similar a few weeks back that turned out to be gas. Fortunately, we found out just before paying the ER $80. “Let’s sit on the potty,” I suggested, and went to look for childrens Tums or somesuch. I noticed her cheeks looking a little red, but figured she was just getting a bit sick.

Ms. Kaz came up to inform me we have no kids antacid. That’s when I noticed my daughter’s arms and legs were red and splotchy. Knowing she had a peanut allergy, we phoned the doctor right away, and get out the Epipen.

I checked the package, and it stated that the worm was almost completely allergen free: no peanuts, no wheat, no soy, no gluten, etc. But something was bothering her. The stomach ache passed, but the rash persisted. The doctor said to give her Benedryl, and watch her for 20 minutes.

The rash eventually passed, and we brought her into the doctor’s office, where they told us the Coconut Oil in the gummy worm could be the culprit – turns out this is highly concentrated coconut, and could trigger a reaction that ordinary coconut might not.

Black carrot could be a culprit too – I’m not sure she ever had it before. I think we’ll have no trouble avoiding black carrot in the future.

Anyhow, 48 hours of Benedryl for her (allergens could persist for that long, apparently), which made for a drowsy Sunday, and should make for a drowsy first day at her new Big Girl School. The important thing is that she is okay. But it was a scare.

I am not sure she’ll be up for anymore Surprises anytime soon…


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