My wedding anniversary is quickly approaching. This year is the “Pottery Anniversary”, if you follow such things.

My in-laws have a nice set of tableware from Bennington Pottery that they bought up in Vermont. I like the set they got. But then I discovered Heath Ceramics (does ceramics = pottery? who cares – close enough), and promptly fell in love with their Coupe line of dinnerware.

Only problem – I am not sure I want to spend almost $32 per plate (not to mention bowls, mugs, etc) with two small children… although, the set would look great paired with Heath’s upcoming children’s line of dinnerware.

I guess it is back to the drawing board with the pottery… if anyone has any ideas in the next couple of days, just let me know!


3 Responses to Anniversary

  1. Darren says:

    We needed new dishes after ten years and several broken plates, so we just went cheap and bought some at IKEA. I’m not sure IKEA would send the anniversary message you’re looking for though.

  2. Surfer Jay says:

    Pssst…ceramics are/is pottery.

    We didn’t go exactly cheap, but we bought multiples. I mean three sets of everything. So we got 12 plates, 12 bowls, etc… (My Lilly is crazy, I know) So I figure if we (i) break a few, which we (i) allready have, then we have plenty left to last a few years.

    All the little neccesity things tend to cost so much.

    [Kaz: We registered for, not great, but decent dinnerware for our wedding.. we did buy extras, but we’ve gone through those, and still have some chipped plates and bowls we have to use. We love the set, but cannot find them anymore. Of course, we didn’t find out until we bought a dishwasher that our plates are larger than typical plates… we had to buy one of the special dishwashers with the lower bottom rack to accommodate the plates.]

  3. julia mclane says:

    For your coupe line bargains, you should check out the clearance and non standard isle at Heath Ceramics. You can buy some plates for 1-5 dollars. They might have a very very small crack in the middle of the plate but it’s a way to get your Heath fix. Also there are 2 times a year they have a sale, May and November. Happy shopping.


    [Kaz: Thanks for the tip, but it’d be a long drive for me…]

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