Neighborhood Wierdos

June 25, 2008

Today, we officially joined the ranks of the neighborhood wierdos.

Today, we put a leash on our cat, and took him outside.

This cat is the cat that is constantly trying to get outside. He’s managed twice, so far, in his life to get out. Each time, he immediately ran under our neighbor’s bushes and sat there.

So today, we put the leash on. He actually did not resist the collar, or the leash. I took him to the door – the same door he tries to bolt out of when it is open – and he sat there looking out. And sat there. And sat there.

Finally, I picked him up and put him outside. He immediately slinked back toward the door, only to find it closed. Finally, he began to explore, and headed straight for the bushes. With the leash, I was able to keep him from going under them, but he then spent the next 5 minutes rolling in dirt.

My daughter wanted to hold the leash, but with the cat a little freaked out, I didn’t want her to choke him, accidentally or otherwise. Eventually, she got bored and went with Ms. Kaz across the street to say hello to “friend doggy”.

What amazed me is that the cat didn’t mind the leash. I remember my mother trying this stunt with out cats when I was younger, and the cat immediately dropped and began clawing and chewing at the leash. My guess is that, after a few times out, he’ll be comfortable with the outside, then he’ll focus on the leash.

I can’t wait to be “that guy who walks his cat”.

Where am I?

June 24, 2008

Man, this guy hasn’t posted anything here in a while.

Where is he?

Oh, wait, that guy is me.

Sorry, all, but things have been really busy this summer, and I plan to post about some of it.

In the meantime, here’s a little quote which makes me rethink the impact commercials have on kids.

Ms. Kaz (brushing teeth)
Daughter: Mommy, it’s a good thing you use a Reach toothbrush.
Ms. Kaz: Really? Why?
Daughter: It cleans better.
Ms. Kaz: Does it?
Daughter: Yeah, it reached places and ordinary toothbrush can’t reach.
Ms. Kaz: …
Daughter: …
Ms. Kaz: Where did you learn that?
Daughter: Onna commercial.
Ms. Kaz: How did you know we had a Reach toothbrush?
Daughter: I recognized the letters.

I think she’s lost TV for a quite a while. Me? I’m gonna start showing her commercials for sports cars, so she can help me convince Ms. Kaz we need one!

To Tell the Truth

June 9, 2008

Sometimes I think my daughter just doesn’t “get” questions. Not ones that are asked of her, at least. Very often, we will get a question returned to us, as if the question were really meant for us.

“What did you do at school today?” we will ask. “What?” she will reply. Oh, we’ll get a response of “nothing” eventually, but most questions go this way.

“Tell mommy who we saw at the park..” – “Who?”

“What did we see at the store?” – “What?”

Again, upon further questioning, she’ll sometimes give the answer. Either that, or she’ll say, “You tell mommy…”

Well, the other day, we were playing and my daughter was brushing my hair. “You have gold hair, daddy.” Right, gold. “No, sweetie, that’s a gray hair. I have a lot up front,” I said, lifting my bangs, “right here, see?”

“Wow, that’s a lot!”

“Yeah, thanks. Do you know how I got those?” I asked her. I fully expected to hear, “How?” I was surprised when she got it right on the first try and said, “Me!”

That’s right, kiddo. And when your brother is older, I’ll be getting them twice as fast.


June 1, 2008

We headed up north this weekend, to my in-law’s “cabin” and took the kids to visit them.

My in-laws are great, taking the kids for some time so one or both of us (Ms. Kaz and me) could relax. At one point, both Ms. Kaz and I were outside, reading and saying how weird it is to just relax.

We seem to strive for time to relax, and time to ourselves, or, let’s face, just like most parents, some time without the kids.

Having taken two cars, since I had to work, Ms. Kaz and the kids got to spend a little extra time up there with her family. Of course, that meant that today, after dinner, I had to return back home to myself.

Before kids, when Ms. Kaz was away for a couple days, I’d sleep in, eat pizza, drink beer, rent James Bond movies. Now, with kids, this is really (as far as I can remember), my first night sans family (as short as it is).

Just what I’ve been waiting for.

Of course, I’ve just wasted it channel surfing, not really finding anything, snacking and reading magazines… checking my blog… wandering around aimlessly, not really sure what to do with myself and the time I’d be usually doing chores and trekking back up the stairs to tell my daughter she really needs to go to sleep now, and this is the last time I am coming up.

Instead, I am just bored.

I know there’s a decent chance when I come home from work tomorrow, my daughter will be crabby, and whining about something.

But I still miss them all.

(of course, I am still looking forward to sleeping in just a bit tomorrow)