Just one more glass of water..?

This holiday weekend (yes, this is actually the second holiday I’ve taken this year at work. The other being New Year’s Day) produced many good quotes from my daughter, but she saved the best conversation for last:

Daughter: Daddy!
Me: Yes, sweetie?
Daughter: I’m scared of the dark…
Me: Well, that’s why we have your night light.
Daughter: But it is dark even with the night light.
Me: It doesn’t seem dark to me. Where is it dark?
Daughter: Over there.
Me: I can see over there just fine.
Daughter (pointing right next to her bed): It’s dark here…
Me: It is lighter there.
Daughter: Well, I’m scared of the dark.
Me: What are you afraid of in the dark?
Daughter: Uh.. the dark.
Me: The dark won’t hurt you.
Daughter: … well, I just want someone to be in the room with me.
Me: That’s why you have your lovies.
Daughter: I want a person who is alive, like mommy or [The Boy] or daddy…
Me: Really? You want your brother to sleep with you?
Daughter: Well, only when he’s older and can keep quiet.
Me: Mommy and I are in the house. You’ll be fine.
Daughter: … daddy, I’m worn out and I need a cup of water.
Me: You’ve had a lot of water already. You know what helps me when I am worn out?
Daughter: What?
Me: Sleep.
Daughter: But I am water worn out.

I just had to get her a cup of water for that. Water Worn Out. At least she’s creative.


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