They always break your heart

I know they will break your heart… I just didn’t know it was so young:

Daughter: You’re so silly, daddy.
Me: I know. Am I funny, too?
Daughter: Uh-huh.
Me: Am I funnier than Timmy?
Daughter: No. Timmy’s funnier.

I guess I need to brush up on my 3-almost-4-year-old humor. More “bum-bum” jokes, I guess.

Personally, I like to believe she is more blinded by love. I came to this conclusion remembering a conversation we had last week sometime:

Me: Anything happen at school today, sweetie?
Daughter: Timmy asked if I would marry him.
Me: Oh. Uhm… what did you tell him?
Daughter: Sure.
Me: Oh. Are you getting married soon?
Daughter: I can’t get married until I’m older, daddy!


I like Timmy and all, but I have a feeling my daughter is just hedging her bets for when she is older. I think Timmy is just her fall-back.


One Response to They always break your heart

  1. Tosha says:

    I have conversations like that often with my 5 year old. She has a new boyfriend in school and he is way better than I am any day! Atleast according to her. And what he says is gold.. Mom must be wrong since G said the sky was purple.. It can’t possibly be blue like mom says.

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