My daughter has a blonde wig (to go with the pink and green ones her Aunt gave her) that she likes to wear and say she is Hannah Montana. We don’t watch Hannah Montana at home, so I don’t know where she gets it.

Oh, wait, maybe I do.

Anyhow, it was hi-larious when I put the wig on her nice, wooden rocking horse and called it something like “Horse-y Montana” (hey, you don’t have to have your “A” material for 3 1/2 year olds).

We were talking about this at bedtime last night. My daughter said something about the cat being, “smi… smile… smiley…”

“Miley Cyrus?” I suggested.

“Yeah!” my daughter exclaimed, “Miley-saurus!”

I guess when my daughter is my age, Miley will be a dinosaur. But that’s okay, because by then, Miley’s kid’ll be raking in the dough…


3 Responses to Miley-saurus

  1. I’m a big fan of Miley’s music and concerts, but I do think that some of the product placement and toys tend to be a little over the top. Primarily the Hannah Montana wigs.

  2. Jake Jones says:

    haha, Miley is so funny! I love her.

  3. I admire Lady GaGa. I think she will be around for a long time. Did you know that she buys many of her clothes at a consignmet boutique? Ya, she really does! I love her outfits. Of course, she doesn’t purchase all of her clothes at consignment stores, but a lot of her stuff is old clothing. She looks great regardless of where she buys her clothing!

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