Things My Daughter Taught Me: Comedy

My daughter’s playing three days a week at preschool. Apparently, she’s slayin’ ’em. Her schtick? Apparently, any phrase with “bum bum” in it. Unfortunately, she tries this same comedy act at home, and you can hear the crickets chirping.

On a related note, I hate prop comics. I hate prop comics, yet I have become one. Any toy that results in some physical comedy has my daughter cracking up. She even peed her pants the other day from laughing so hard.

For me, it is a little exhausting. That, and I am running out of material/props. My daughter doesn’t seem to mind. And it is nice having an easy audience. But I am getting bored.

I’m afraid if she gets too bored, Ms. Kaz will have to cover the furniture with plastic sheets. I’m just waiting for watermelon season.


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