Howdy, Stranger!

Things are finally starting to settle here at work. This is my last scheduled night shift (6p – 2a or so – shh! Don’t tell my boss!), and, hopefully, my kids will get to know me as more than just Morning Guy.

Actually, this past week, while making nights and early mornings tough for Ms. Kaz, has afforded me a bit more time with the kids. My daughter, especially has been excited.

I promised her, once things calmed down, I would take a day off (not yet) and do something fun. “How ’bout we make cookies?” she asked. “Sure,” I said. So, the last few days, she’s been asking me about making cookies. So, today we began making cookies. “Is today your day off, daddy?” It isn’t, but I was home during the day, and the recipe I chose (sugar cookies – yum!) required overnight refrigeration.

We had a lot of fun making the dough. My daughter kept asking if she could try the dough as we added each ingredient. “Not yet,” I told her. The dough kept filling the bowl and filling the bowl. As my daughter enjoyed licking the mixer, I checked the recipe.

Good lord. Servings = 60!!

Well, if anyone wants cookies, let me know. We’ll have plenty.

And hopefully, I’ll be able to post a lot more frequently.


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