Oh lord, it has started…

I recorded Cinderella III off the Disney Channel a little while back because my daughter is a Cinderella nut and I actually heard this wasn’t half bad.

My daughter has, in the past, always asked us to skip the commercials (that goodness for DVRs)*, but I started to notice that she asked us less and less frequently to “skip the commercials”. She had discovered that the commercials during this movie were for some, in her eyes, really cool stuff.


One day, as Ms. Kaz was fixing the baby a bottle in the kitchen and my daughter was watching Cinderella III, my daughter came in and told her that she wanted a Hannah Montana beach house toy.**

“You don’t even know who Hannah Montana is!” Ms. Kaz told her.

My daughter’s answer? “Sure I do! She rocks the beach!”

* What a world our kids live in. My daughter even asks us during live shows to “skip the commercials.”
** Also available – a doll of her best friend, Miley. There’s just something weird about that.


2 Responses to Oh lord, it has started…

  1. doodaddy says:

    Tell me about it. Even my 2-year old knows Hannah Montana songs.


  2. Well. Thanks for the glimpse into my future…

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