Easter Fish

easter fishMy daughter has really been into drawing and painting lately. And she’s gotten pretty good at making things look a bit like the thing she is trying to draw.

The other day, Ms. Kaz and she were making cards for Easter for everyone. Today, she showed me how she made one, and made this most awesome drawing. It was so awesome, in fact, I had to change the blog’s header (look up!).

The card is actually for one of our cats, but that’s okay, because it means I get to keep it around the house.

When she showed it to me, she told me, “this fish is mad because it has to live in dirty water…”

I am glad to see she’s learning about her environment. Now we just need to get her to draw some angry birds and perhaps a whole line of angry animals. She might even be able to pay her way through college!

She also drew a most awesome “buggy guy” and a parrot, which I will have to upload some time.


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