A Box of Cereal and a Remote

Ms. Kaz and I often joked about how nice it will be when, on weekends, our daughter (and now The Boy, too) could get up, go downstairs, grab a box of cereal, turn on the TV and let us sleep in.

As I mentioned earlier, my daughter has begun getting out of bed, opening her door and leaving her room on her own in the mornings. This is something she had never done in 3 1/2 years. I used to brag about the fact that she would not get out of bed until we came and got her.

When she did it the first time, I once again joked that we just need to show her where the cereal is and how to use the remote and we’d be all set.

This morning, I heard the doorknob turn, followed by the pitter patter of feet. I looked at my alarm clock — 4 am. “Mommy…”

Ugh. “Go back to bed,” I told her.

“I wanna sleep with you guys…”

Hell, no.

Thankfully, Ms. Kaz, who has been an Angel with the kids waking up at odd hours lately ((while I barely am able to wake up thanks for the melatonin which is the only thing keeping me asleep at night), took her back to her  room and got her to sleep.

Maybe this getting out of bed on her own thing really isn’t so great.


One Response to A Box of Cereal and a Remote

  1. Well, it seems to me you just haven’t shown her where the cereal is and how to operate the remote.

    While you’re at it, why don’t you teach her how to make coffee, so when you guys get up the coffee is ready to go!

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