What good are dads?

I’ve been working a lot of crazy hours at work, so I’ve been missing some quality time with the kids. Since I knew I’d be working late the other night, I decided to take my daughter to school in the morning. Well, that, and I wanted to be there when she showed off the Fox In Sox shirt I made her for her Big Girl School’s Dr. Seuss days.

I dropped her off, got her settled, said goodbye. On the way out, I heard her teacher remark about how cool her shirt was (front and back!). “Wow! Your mommy did a great job!”

Of course. It is always the mommy’s who do the creative stuff with the kids. It wasn’t that Ms. Kaz couldn’t do just as good a job with the shirt. It was just, well, it involved scanning and cropping and Photoshopping and printing and, well, I just get into that kind of stuff, so I just sort of took control of the process.

But I still felt a bit dejected as I closed the door.

My daughter, however, came to my defense… just as I was shutting the door, I heard her say, “My daddy did it!”

That was a good start to the day.

3 Responses to What good are dads?

  1. Tyler says:

    Cool story! I’m much more creative than my wife. Way to go dad!

  2. Darren says:

    Good for your daughter!

    I’ve had similar experiences. I wish teachers would learn that dads are involved too. I got a call from school once about Clare, they asked to talk to Clare’s Mom, and when I said she wasn’t here they gave me the message and told me to tell my wife.

  3. Mitch McDad says:

    It’s good to she’s got your back.

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