Hating on Goofy

My daughter hates Goofy.

She has a set of bath toys consisting of Goofy, Donald, Mickey and Minnie. Every night, as she sits on the potty, she has to have Mickey and Minnie, and Ms. Kaz or I have to have Goofy and Donald.

And every night, Mickey, Minnie and Donald refuse to play with Goofy. Man, they are really mean to him.

Some might say the situation calls for some of that fancy, big city, book learnin’ psychology. Maybe they are right, but I’d be sad if my daughter was Goofy (getting left out and picked on by the other kids). I’m even more afraid that my daughter might turn out to be Mickey, Minnie of Donald.

So, for now, I just ignore the situation, figuring she’s only 3 1/2… she isn’t into any of that psychology stuff. She’s just playing.

I’ve decided, instead, to try and correct the situation.

Last night, Goofy tried to buy his way into The In Crowd. He brought cookies and jelly beans and potato chips. And while Mickey and the gang ate most of what Goofy brought themselves, they did leave a tiny bit for him. It was their version of “sharing”.

Tonight, I made up a little sign that said “We [heart] Goofy” and had the three of them hold it up for Goofy. Apparently, they do love Goofy now, but they’d only let him into their Book Club if he brought jelly beans.

I think they’ll come to love Goofy in time…


4 Responses to Hating on Goofy

  1. whit says:

    It’s because he’s always messing things up, but he does have a heart of gold.

    I walked by my 4-year-old this morning watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and heard him saying to the TV, “Oh, Goofy, you’re always funny.”

    Maybe she just doesn’t care for his comedic stylings.

    [Kaz: I dunno. I don’t think she’s really seen much of Goofy. Most of what she knows is me talking like Goofy (I do a pretty mean “Gawrsh”)]

  2. Darren says:

    I think she’ll come around. Goofy is my favorite.

  3. Why did Mickey leave Minnie? You’ll have to email me for the punchline (assuming you don’t already know it).

  4. Desiree says:

    Poor, poor Goofy.

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