Conversations With…: Huh?

I’m working a lot lately, and some nights I come home just in time for bedtime. I think my daughter feels the need to cram in a lot of conversation during the time I go in there to sing her a song. Tonight, I had the following gems:

“This snake is a water snake because it is water proof and I can take it out in the rain because it is water proof, that’s why it’s a water snake.”

“That’s why I couldn’t talk to you because I came home and I had a spell on me and I turned into a swan and died forever.”

“This is the baby bear. There’s no mommy bear that’s why it is mine and I have to take care of it.”

Oh, and next week is Dr. Seuss week at Big Girl School, so if anyone knows where we can get some Dr. Seuss clothes quick (i.e. not ordering on the internet, but perhaps at a mall store or chain), let me know!

2 Responses to Conversations With…: Huh?

  1. tara says:

    I would print a nice pic off the internet onto some transfer paper and make your own. Even Target sells the t-shirt transfer paper now, so it’s pretty easy.

  2. Darren says:

    I know you can get some Dr. Seuss stuff at the Universal store at the Orlando airport. If that’s too far, I’ve also seen some Cat in the Hat hats at some toy stores.

    [Kaz: Yeah, we don’t go down to Orlando quite as often as you guys do! :)]

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