So, our daughter came home from Big Girl School with valentines and a whole bunch of candy, pencils, etc from the kids in her school. We sent her with those little valentine’s cards, hand decorated by her, like the kind I remember taking to school as a kid.

Which leaves me with two questions:

1. When did kids start sending gifts along with the cards?

2. Why didn’t you all tell me this was the norm before valentine’s day??


4 Responses to V-day

  1. GeekLady says:

    Well, 20 years ago, some kids would stick little lollipops to the cards, or a pack of those chalk candy hearts, or otherwise extremely cheap candy. Pencils are new, but better than candy.

    I guess no one thought you didn’t know.

  2. L.A. Daddy says:

    LA Toddler’s school leaves nothing to chance. We get written instructions on what needs to be included to make sure no child gets left behind (or goes without some sort of tooth-rotting treat.)

    It’s kinda nice and at the same time kind of a pain the arse.

  3. Dudelet and his classmates basically made cards for mummy and that was that! It’s the kind of school where if you send biscuits or treats on your child’s birthday, they come back unopened with a polite note from a teaching thanking you for your efforts and pointing out some basic facts of nutrition!

  4. Darren says:

    I’ll take the blame for this one. We were blindsided by it last year too.

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