A Nice Pear

For my birthday, I got a box of pears and apples from Harry & David from my in-laws. Of course, as I always do when we get pears, I have to make the comment that there’s nothing I like better than a nice pear. And, as she always does, Ms. Kaz rolled her eyes.

Last week, at 4 1/2 months, we started The Boy on solids. Rice cereal. Yummy.

Needless to say, he didn’t really take to it. He didn’t soundly reject it, either. But he wasn’t encouraged to learn how to eat either. Oh, he eats now, but it is mostly just sucking. He still doesn’t quite grasp chewing and swallowing.

We figured this week, with mushed up pears, he’d try a little harder. Pears are sweet. Kids like sweet stuff (like the valentine’s sugar cookie from Mrs. Field’s my daughter devoured last night). This morning, with his first spoonfuls of pear, he seemed somewhat interested. But he still didn’t get the chew and swallow method of eating.

Then he got his thumb in his mouth. I think he was surprised his thumb suddenly tasted to good! So sweet! He totally went to town on his thumb. So, the rest of breakfast went that way. Sneak in a spoonful, thumb goes in mouth, pear gets sucked down.

Oh, well. He’s not even 5 months yet. He’ll get it eventually.

While we’re on the topic of eating.. a few weeks ago, my daughter ate a few pieces of asparagus from my leftovers, and it left her asking for more. A few days later, she mentioned that she liked “the pointy end” of asparagus. So, I suggested to Ms. Kaz we get some asparagus. She bought some, and last night we had a risotto with beans and asparagus sauteed with garlic.

Our daughter ate an ungodly amount of asparagus. Which is good! But a little scary how much she ate.


One Response to A Nice Pear

  1. There’s just no rhyme or reason to how much they eat or don’t eat, is there? Bird one day and starving lions the next.

    [Kaz: I was thinking Growth Spurt, but the very next day, it was back to eating hardly anything…]

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