Daddy’s Little Girl

It has been happening slowly.

It’s almost been difficult to notice it.

Not that I’d be able to stop it. Or even slow it down.

I’m talking, of course, about my little girl being My Little Girl.

It always used to be daddy-this and daddy-that and, “No, I want daddy!” Of course, this sometimes has its drawbacks, especially at 2am. But, deep down, it still felt good. We’d go do things together. Even just running to the store, or needing help on the potty (her, not me!).

Ms. Kaz always felt a little bad that our daughter always wanted daddy. I reassured her it was just a phase, and that our daughter loved her just as much. Of course, I always hoped it would last forever.

But after the boy was born, Ms. Kaz wanted to make sure our daughter didn’t feel less loved. Special Girl Time was instituted, and the boy and I would stay home. I’d watch him eat, change his diaper, look at him drool (aren’t babies fun!??).

Now, I hear a lot of, “No! I want mommy!” and “I want Special Girl Time!” or “Daddy, you take the boy!” (yes, sometimes she calls him “the boy”).

Oh, I still get hugs and kisses after work. It isn’t always the running, leaping hug I used to get, but I still feel the love there. I still get to play the role of the Disney Prince du jour. But, more often than not, I play the part of the manny. And have to leave the room with the baby.

Ms. Kaz reassures me that it is just a phase, and that our daughter still loves me. I think deep down, she’s really hoping it isn’t just a phase.


2 Responses to Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. Darren says:

    Chances are that in about ten or twelve years she’ll hate her mom more than she hates you. I think it works that way.

  2. Desiree says:

    Darren’s right. From the ages of 14 to 22, if you play your cards right, she will come to you first. Of course, then you have to deal with all the hormone issues and the constant crying, but at least you’ll be number one in her book.

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