Via goes on the wall!


We love our daughter’s toy boxes from Via. And after building and installing (by which I mean standing it upright) it in my daughter’s room, my first thought was, “Are all the cool kids gonna copy me?” And, of course, they did.

My second thought was, “Where the heck are we gonna put this thing once we need to upgrade her to a full-sized bed?!?”

Well, thank goodness Via has solved my problem with their new wall mount system.

I’ve always thought a storage system similar to the Via Toy Boxes (something from IKEA) mounted to the wall would rock in the Play Room / Office, mounted over the computer. Yeah, space is at a premium in our house, so the only way to go, in some cases, is up.

For some reason, I never thought of this kind of solution for the Via boxes, but reconfiguring my setup (easy to do with Via) and sticking ’em on the wall over the bed would be a great solution.

Oh, it seems they also have some new colors.

Check ’em out.

I guess all we gotta do now is get our daughter a Snow White another generic, not at all associated with Disney princess dress.


3 Responses to Via goes on the wall!

  1. whit says:

    That dress is awesome. I wish they made dress-up stuff for boys. They just get all of my old Hawaiian shirts.

  2. meta-DAD says:

    Sweet, I love them. With two in the nest and one more one the way, it’s all about storage…

  3. Robbin says:

    If you cannot use this box no longer, you can always you the versacart (www(dot)versacart(dot)us) to store your children’s items.

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