My daughter rarely gets sick. I am amazed when I see how often other kids get sick.

That’s why it was strange to see how sick and worn out she got around about the time we got back from visiting the relatives for the holidays. She recovered… eventually. But the boy, he got sick as well.

He had a runny nose at the start. Then he developed this god-awful cough. At times, he seemed as if he was struggling a bit. After a couple days, he had a morning when he seemed like he was getting better. Then he started to spit up a bit – a spit up that was a little thicker and kind of mucous-y. Then the coughing seemed to get worse.

On the plus side, we’d hear him have coughing fits in the middle of the night, but he always went back to sleep. Of course, after a coughing and wheezing fit, you always wonder if he’s gone back to sleep or… something worse (yeah, we’re pretty paranoid parents).

We called the doctor to see if there was anything we could do, since there is very little you can give a 3 month old. She suggested everything we were already doing – humidifier, tylenol, etc. The doctor said we should bring him in the next day.

The next day, they tested him for RSV. That night, they called to tell us he did have RSV. Oh. Then we looked up RSV. OH! That’s some scary stuff in there for parents of a 3 month old. The thought he might be potentially hospitalized was worrisome.

We took him in the next day to see how it was progressing. The doctor said his breathing seemed good, but… he also had an ear infection. So, we got some medicine for that. A few days later, he seems a lot better.

So, during the holidays and just afterwards, we’ve all gotten sick. And that is pretty rare for us. But we did discover another difference between having one kid and two. With one kid, the world revolves around them when they are sick. When you have two, and one is sick, you still gotta tend to the needs (you know, playing, getting them a snack, putting their coat on, etc) of the other one.

We’re all pretty tired about now. But much much healthier.

One Response to Sick

  1. I empathise – over Christmas both our 4 year old (hacking cough) and 3 week old (snivels, runny nose, little sneezes) kept us busy. About all we could do for the baby was saline drops and humidity – tiring!

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