In The Olden Days (Part II)

January 27, 2008

We continue to learn a lot about history…

No Air Jordans?

“In the olden days, people used to wear blankets on their feet when they went out.”

Not just the missionaries…

“In the olden days, people used to sleep like this [on their backs], because they didn’t like to sleep like this [on their sides].”

Well, it is an improvement over blankets…

“In the olden days, people wore big pillows on their feet, and on sour days, they wore cups on their feet.”

Twenty years of schooling, and I feel I know so little about history.

(Previously: In the Olden Days (Part I)”

Via goes on the wall!

January 21, 2008


We love our daughter’s toy boxes from Via. And after building and installing (by which I mean standing it upright) it in my daughter’s room, my first thought was, “Are all the cool kids gonna copy me?” And, of course, they did.

My second thought was, “Where the heck are we gonna put this thing once we need to upgrade her to a full-sized bed?!?”

Well, thank goodness Via has solved my problem with their new wall mount system.

I’ve always thought a storage system similar to the Via Toy Boxes (something from IKEA) mounted to the wall would rock in the Play Room / Office, mounted over the computer. Yeah, space is at a premium in our house, so the only way to go, in some cases, is up.

For some reason, I never thought of this kind of solution for the Via boxes, but reconfiguring my setup (easy to do with Via) and sticking ’em on the wall over the bed would be a great solution.

Oh, it seems they also have some new colors.

Check ’em out.

I guess all we gotta do now is get our daughter a Snow White another generic, not at all associated with Disney princess dress.

Cat’s in the Cradle

January 18, 2008

This post isn’t really about our stupid cats sleeping in the baby’s cradle… although they do. Stupid cats.

No, this post is more about the time I have spent “at work” (whether at the office or at home), and the increased amount of time I am very likely to be spending at work in the next 2+ months (you may have noticed the light posting lately).

This is the third major project I’ve worked on since I started my current job. The first project was the one I was hired on for. Ms. Kaz and I were newly married and had a brand-new (to us) house. But we had no kids. And there were many days Ms. Kaz, because of the nature of her job, worked nights anyhow. The 80 and 60 hour weeks weren’t really much of an issue.

The second major project, was still pre-kids. No issue again.

Even after our daughter was born, there were times when there were some late nights. But it was one kid, and we were comfortable taking care of her.

As those of you with more than one kid know, two kids is not just 2x the work. It is more like 10x the work. So, added to the stress of this major, high-profile project, is the stress of (a) being away from the kids, and (b) leaving Ms. Kaz alone with the two of them, and the work associated with two of them.

(a) I’ve resolved in my mind. In these kids’ lives, the next two months will be a blip. They may miss me, but it’ll be over before they know it. Then, we’ll just take ’em to Disney or something to make them forget.

(b) is the issue I am having more difficulty coming to terms with. Maybe it is being raised Catholic which causes me to feel guilty, I don’t know. Ms. Kaz has reassured me that, having more experience alone with the two of them, she can handle the two of them. If it were me? I’d freak out having to take care of both of them. Maybe I am projecting my fear of being alone with two of them and trying to get them fed, bathed, and to bed without losing it.

Anyhow, I wanted to explain my absence lately. I’ll try to do better posting, but I am lucky if I find time to eat, pay bills, etc.

Thanks, everyone. And wish me luck on the next two months!

In The Olden Days (Part I?)

January 6, 2008

My daughter has been offering up some history lessons as of late. Here were our first couple of lessons:

  • “In the olden days, people used to get diarrhea a lot.”
  • “In the olden days, people used to hit each other on the [behind] with rattles.”

We’ll keep you posted on future lessons.


January 6, 2008

My daughter rarely gets sick. I am amazed when I see how often other kids get sick.

That’s why it was strange to see how sick and worn out she got around about the time we got back from visiting the relatives for the holidays. She recovered… eventually. But the boy, he got sick as well.

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January 3, 2008

I’ve been attempting to write up a few posts, but everyone’s been sick, including the baby. But more on that soon. I just wanted to let everyone know I am still here, and leave you with the following two things:

My daughter’s Big Girl School celebrated, belatedly, New Year’s today. My daughter did a crayon picture with her New Year’s Resolution (as dictated to, and written down by, one of her teachers). My 3 1/2 year old daughter’s New Year’s Resolution is, “To be a better mermaid.”

Oh, and Greg, over at DaddyTypes left a cryptic post today. It is screwed up, so no one can comment on it. I didn’t think it was already close, but is #2 already here…?

[Update: Yep, baby arrived last night. Go congratulate him here.]