What do you mean, only one week of shopping left?!?

Only a week of holiday shopping left. Great. I’ve got, like, nothing purchased. Anyway, here are some random Monday thoughts, while I work on a special holiday post…

  • My daughter is getting better at not spilling the beans about presents. She used to come right in the door and tell the person what was purchased for them. Now, it lasts about a week. Although, to be fair, I am not sure she realized I was right there when she said what my present was. I’ll still act surprised.
  • When I was a kid, we got presents in stockings and presents under the tree from Santa. When Ms. Kaz was a kid, she got stockings from Santa, and the stuff under the tree was for Mom & Dad. The stockings only from Santa thing is what Ms. Kaz wants to do with our kids. I am (kinda) okay with that, although I think Santa should spoil the kids more than Mom & Dad. I told her, though, that our daughter has been telling Santa all along she wants “Princess Stuff”, so there’d better be some princess stuff in that stocking. How do you all do the Santa thing?
  • And it isn’t just Santa she tells. Her first daycare provider, who are surrogate grandparents to her, took her and her daycare friend, “Timmy” to a local garden center to see the Holiday Displays, including the talking reindeer. When she told me about the talking reindeer, she told me it asked her what she wanted for Christmas. “What did you tell him?” I asked. Of course, her response was, “Princess Stuff”. When I asked if it said anything else to her, she told me it asked her what else she wanted for Christmas. Her reply? “Nothing”.
  • Speaking of that trip, when I put my daughter’s car seat in the car, and put her in it, she turned to “Timmy” and said, “Timmy, do you want to hold hands?” and then they held hands. Should we book a reception hall now?
  • I think Ms. Kaz is upset at me for letting our daughter watch bits and pieces of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars last night. Not totally because of the frightening imagery (which she saw none of, btw), but because of the endless series of questions she now asks about it (“What did she want to be with the one she loves?”, “Why they’re hobbits?”, “What are they sand people?”, “Why did they freeze the robot?”). We can both agree that it is cute when she refers to the robot as “Artie-dootoo”.
  • Doodad has tagged me. I hope he realizes it takes me a couple weeks to complete one of these things! I do appreciate being thought of for these things. I haven’t had one in so long, I thought people didn’t like me anymore!

Okay, more later. I’ve got shopping to do.


5 Responses to What do you mean, only one week of shopping left?!?

  1. doodaddy says:

    Aw, I’ve always liked you — I’m just a horrible lurker.

    Actually, I suppose you could say that getting tagged right before the holidays means people *don’t* like you, in which case a whole bunch o’ people hate my guts. Hm.

  2. My nephew – Gunslinger, to those of you in the know – turned three in September and has been a Star Wars fanatic for about eight months now.

    And I don’t mind telling you, I’m jealous.

    Sure, I could force The Squeaker to watch Star Wars. And, because she loves me, she would even act like she enjoyed them.

    But that’s what it would be… an act.

    I love my daughter more than anything in the world, but I know she’ll be a “Princess Stuff” kinda girl.

    Oh yeah, the stocking is all Santa, plus a couple of Santa gifts under the tree for good measure.

    [Kaz: Yeah, my daughter is huge into the Princess stuff, but she still likes robots. I get the “best” of both worlds, I guess…]

  3. whit says:

    We usually do stockings and one or two unwrapped toys under the tree.

    I let my oldest watch A Christmas Story tonight and spent 15 minutes explaining why he shouldn’t try to stick his tongue on a frozen pole.

    [Kaz: Yeah, the “why” phase is going strong here…]

  4. L.A. Daddy says:

    We do a mix of stuff under the tree. The stocking is small toys, candy, and such. Under the tree is a mix of gifts from Mom & Dad and Santa. Santa brings the toys, we give the socks and underwear…

    Yeah, we’re boring that way.

    [Kaz: The sad part is – now that I am an adult, about all I can think of when people ask what I want is new socks and underwear!]

  5. Darren says:

    I got Clare to tell me what she and my wife bought me for Christmas. Clare won’t tell her Mom what she’s getting though.

    We have stockings and under-the-tree gifts and Santa brings most of them. There’s always one or two though that we want Clare to know came from Mom and Dad.

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