Bread making for those with kids

I’ve always wanted to be one of those guys who makes his own bread. There’s nothing better than fresh, warm bread.

I’ve dabbled in it a bit before kids, making a good beer bread once, but never had the time with kids. That, and I’ve always hated dealing with the dough.

When the No-Knead Bread recipe came out in the New York Times, and it was all the rage a while back, I thought again about trying. It seemed so simple. However, it still required some planning.

When I read about the Quicker No-Knead Bread recipe over at (formerly, I knew that if I didn’t try this recipe, I never would. Kaz: I should say I saw this at the BOTTOM of the OhDeeDoh page. It actually resides on another part of the former apartmenttherapy, known as TheKitchn.

The recipe is somewhat kid-friendly in that, there’s not a lot of work, so you aren’t slaving away all day and not helping out with the kids (okay, maybe this isn’t a negative so much!). However, my daughter was all excited to help, and the dough is so sticky, and hard to work with, there wasn’t too much she could really do.

I just gotta say, though – this recipe was awesome. We had some nice warm, fresh bread for the Curried Butternut Squash Soup we made for dinner. And the smell the bread made was like heaven.

Plus, my daughter was proud of me. “Good job, dad!” she told me.

If you’d like some fresh bread, give the recipe a try. It really is quite easy to make. If you do, let me know how it turned out!

I only wish I took pictures to share with you all…


One Response to Bread making for those with kids

  1. doodaddy says:

    I *love* this recipe — we’ve been using it since it was in the Times last year. And Boobaby loves to knead it, even though kneading is not required!

    [Kaz: It is very sticky… my daughter told me again today, when we re-heated it, that she loves when daddy makes bread. 🙂 btw – thanks for the tag… I don’t mind doing 7 random things, but I don’t know where I am gonna come up with 7 other people to tag!]

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