Conversations With…: Where do they get this stuff?

I’ve had a couple recent conversations with my daughter which stick in my mind…

They’re always after me luck charms

At our house, my daughter eats healthy, or at least organic and natural, cereals. Mighty Bites (or “guys” as we call ’em, ’cause they’re shaped like people) and Chocolate Blast ‘Ems are popular (side note: Chocolate Blast ‘Ems, to me at least, are nowhere as tasty as Coco Puffs). But when we visit my mother’s house, it is Trix and Coco Puffs and Frosted Cheerios and my daughter’s favorite — Lucky Charms. How can you not like cereal with little marshmallows in it? Especially if you are three years old.

My daughter also brought back some jewelry, which I am sure is Chock Full O’ Lead, from daycare. Including some charm bracelets. Her favorite? The one that says, “Princess” of course.

So, the other day, Ms. Kaz and I thought it was strange when we had the following conversation:

Daughter: Mom, where’s my.. uh… my marshmallow that says “princess” ?
Ms. Kaz: Your what?
Daughter: My marshmallow that says “princess” on it?
Me: She means the princess charm
Daughter: Yeah. That’s right. My princess charm.
Ms. Kaz: Ohhh…

So this morning, as Ms. Kaz was eating breakfast, I said to her, “Boy, she really likes her Lucky Charms. I think she really likes the marshmallows.” This lit a bulb over Ms. Kaz’s head about the whole charm/marshmallow word mix-up.

Now, we’re not really sure if this is how she mixed up her words. It seems like a really leap to make that connection. But she’s made stranger connections in her mind before.

Isn’t she a little young to be dating?

Usually, our make believe play involves my daughter being a princess (one of the Disney ones, of course), and me being a prince* and Ms. Kaz being someone evil. One day, my daughter said to me, “Daddy, I want you to be the boyfriend! And mommy will be my mother!” Okay, I thought, let’s see where this goes…

Daughter: Okay, boyfriend, time for bed!
Me: Uhh…
Daughter: I’ll sleep here, and you sleep over there.
Me: Oh, okay. G’night, girlfriend.
Daughter: Uh, oh! Mommy!
Ms. Kaz: Yes, daughter?
Daughter: The cat went pee-pee on my bed!

You see, our cat has been acting out because of the new kitty litter and possibly because we brought another torturer child into the house. So, we’ve found, uh, cat urine in places it isn’t supposed to be.

Ms. Kaz: That’s okay, daughter, I can clean the sheets.
Daughter: Okay! I will sleep with my boyfriend tonight!
Me: Uh… I don’t like where this is going.

And, yes, of course I know it is all innocent. But when get the ideas in their heads early?

No dating for her until either (a) she is 30 years old, or (b) I am dead.

Oh, who am I kidding. (b) is the only real option.

* Quick side note: a conversation we often have — Daughter: Daddy, I want you to be uh… uh.. who’s the prince from Jasmine? Me: Hmm… yeah, who is that prince in that Aladdin movie?!?


2 Responses to Conversations With…: Where do they get this stuff?

  1. Darren says:

    That last line is funny…Clare called the movie Jasmine instead of Aladdin until just this year.

  2. Did she eat the princess marshmallow… er, charm? I really thought that was the gist of the post. I figured you’d see it again… uhm, on the other side, as it were.

    Quick change of topic – when I was single, I had a cat for a while that would pee in my bed whenever I had a girl stay over. Fortunately it was after said girl would leave…

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