Have your people call my people…

One difficulty with a second child is trying to fit your life around the new baby’s schedule.

Ms. Kaz and I are pretty flexible, but our daughter… not so much. We’re working on the patience thing. And, to her credit, she is getting better.

But things like making and eating dinner are more difficult. Especially if we want to give one of the kids a bath after dinner. Or if, say, we want to get our daughter to sleep before 11pm.

Up to this point, we’ve just kind of been winging it — letting the boy eat and sleep when he wants. Now that he’s, ahem, maturing a bit, we think we can have a little say in his schedule…

We began with a suggestion from a friend – get him on a schedule. The plan was to feed him give him 3 hours to sleep, then wake and repeat. Of course, overnight, he can sleep a little longer.

This plan did not last long. This boy sometimes takes an hour or two just to eat! And it didn’t seem right waking him. That, and even when you set an alarm, it is tough to force yourself to wake up in the middle of the night when the baby isn’t crying.

We’re now onto a modified version of this plan. We are tracking and charting his eating and sleeping habits, hoping this will show some trends. We will then take advantage of those trends to attempt some planning and maybe forced tweaking of his schedule.

We will let you know how it goes.

Even so, I anticipate meals where we take turns eating and feeding the boy.

Anyone else found a strategy? That works??=


One Response to Have your people call my people…

  1. ewokmama says:

    Do you read Ask Moxie? She wrote something that I found tremendously helpful about 2-3-4. Baby will nap 2 hours after waking up for the day, then again 3 hours after waking from first nap, then go down for the night 4 hours after second nap. It wasn’t totally on the dot for us but was a good guideline.

    Also, if the baby is gaining well you don’t need to wake him up to feed him.

    And yeah – you really just have to take turns eating/feeding…it will get better eventually.

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