Baby Haters

A short while before my daughter was born, a coworker of mine was about to have his second child. “I hate babies,” he told me, “they are boring. I can’t stand when they are babies.”

At the time, I thought he was crazy.

With our second child, now a little over a month old, I am reminded of this statement, and how it isnt far off the mark. I know “hate” is too strong a word, but, compared to a lot of other stages, babies are boring.

Especially now that I have a three year old around, whom I can play, joke and have conversations with (although she does bring her own set of challenges).

Sure, my son is damned cute. I love to look at him. I even love to hold him. I don’t mind his crying — as with many second parents, it doesn’t bother me to have him cry for a few minute while I get a bottle ready or whatnot.

But, well, he doesn’t do anything beside cry, eat, poop and look cute. He can’t even smile yet. “Cute” is all I get for the hours of work (at all hours of the night) I put in.

And, dude — you’re cute, but after two straight hours of holding you to feed and burp you, I get a little bored. And my arm gets tired. And, well, After that long, I’d just like to do something normal, like read a book, or maybe eat or something.

Oh, I love him well enough, and look forward to seeing how he grows and how he turns out compared to my daughter, but, well.. I dunno. I’m sure, when I look back on it, it will have flown by.

And, when he throws a tantrum at 3 years old like the kind my daughter is having, I’ll wonder why he couldn’t have stayed a baby forever.


3 Responses to Baby Haters

  1. Dan says:

    I went through exactly the same thing after the birth of my own second child. Lets face it, babies aren’t fun untill about six months old.

  2. Darren says:

    I understand what you’re saying, but not much beats lying down with a baby cuddled on your chest. Then they get bigger and can accidentally kick you in the crotch if you try that. And once they’re two or three forget even trying to keep them still that long unless they’re sick.

    [Kaz: That is true… however, with the second one, you can’t lay down for more than a few seconds before you get, “Daaaaad! I want you to play with me!!!”]

  3. AJ says:

    I’m hoping there is fun, or at least mental preoccupation, to be experienced in having the 3-year-old interact with our second baby.

    If not, there’s the old failsafe. Take him interesting places (interesting to me) outside the home while he eats, coos, poops and sleeps.

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