At breakfast the other day:

Daughter: Daddy, are swamp creatures and sea monsters the same thing?
Me:  Uh…

Where do they get this from? I’d like to say I had a great answer, but alas, I had just a plain ol’ answer (basically, “No”).

NEW BABY UPDATE: Ms. Kaz has been getting no sleep lately. Last night, I suggested she take Tylenol PM. Therefore, I had all overnight duty. Today, I am tired. Very very tired.


2 Responses to Monsters

  1. Dan says:

    The thing that makes them different is their tolerance to salt water. That’s why you should never keep a sea monster in a freshwater aquarium.

  2. GeekLady says:

    There are brackish swamps, look at the Everglades.

    The distinction is that swamp creatures are MADE of swamp (mud, palmettos, etc.) and sea monsters are monsters that live in the sea.

    [Kaz: This was kind of like my answer, although I did say sea monsters were made of seaweed (not always true, I know)]

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