Big Sister

They say Big Sister and Big Brother Parties are good for making sure the older sibling doesn’t feel neglected and helps them to bond with the new baby. This is probably true. We had a party where my daughter got her “I’m The Big Sister” shirt, had a cupcake, got presents (including one from the baby) and generally had a good time.

Then more Big Sister gifts kept coming – shipped from distant relatives, brought over by neighbors, given by teachers.

I really think my daughter enjoyed this aspect of being a Big Sister.

But maybe it went a bit too far. Last night, at dinner, we had the following conversation:

Daughter: I want a Big Sister party.
Us: …
Daughter: I like Big Sister parties.
Me: You already had a Big Sister Party.
Daughter: But I like them…
Ms. Kaz: Sorry, sweetie, you only get one.
Daughter: Mommy, I want you to have more babies.
Ms. Kaz: Uh…
Daughter: I want lots of babies! Mommy, I want 16 babies!
Ms. Kaz: Well, then you’re gonna have to have them yourself!

I’m sure she’s in it for the gifts.


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