A few days home…

Hey all – thanks for the well wishes. Here is a quick couple of updates:

  • The boy did not have to stay the whole 24 hours under the mystical jaundice-removal lights, so we actually got to go Wednesday afternoon.
  • However, today, he seemed a little jaundiced. The pediatrician suggested going to the infant ER, since they can re-do the blood test, and I quote, “quicker.” Ms. Kaz and her mother were there with the baby for almost 4 hrs. Many doctors came and went, and at the end of it all… he was fine.
  • Stacey asks, “Can you tell me how you like your Maxi Cosi Mico infant seat? Did you find a stroller to use with it? I like the Quinny Buzz, but it seems a little pricey and the Zapp I have read the zippers are difficult. I am wondering if there is another universal stroller that would work. If you find a stroller that works could you Let me know. Also, do you find the Mico to be what you hoped it would?” Well, I was about set to write about how great it looked in Ms. Kaz’s car, but the baby came first. So, I will have a real review (with pictures) soon.
  • Thank goodness for free hospital coffee.
  • Cats seem to not really be taking much of an interest in the boy. This is good.
  • Wait. I can’t take him to a store for 6 weeks???
  • Doulas? Yes, I can tell you more about that. Keep in mind, we only used a POST-partum doula, and really just for child-care. But I can write more about that.
  • The boy sleeps a lot. This should be good, but since we are so paranoid, we just wind up worrying instead. I think we ask every doctor, consultant, specialist we talk to if that is okay.
  • Man, I could use soem sleep.

One Response to A few days home…

  1. Hope some sleep comes your way. And if it makes you feel better, you should so ask everyone – it’s what they’re paid for! looking forward to doulas post at some point when things ease up 🙂

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