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Oh, man — I have got a lot of respect for single parents, of which I have only partially been for the last couple of days, and it has been almost overwhelming.

Of course, the baby is still at the hospital, but he’s been doing a lot of sleeping. At least… during the day. I guess he wasn’t too kind to Ms. Kaz last night. But my daughter has been a bit of a challenge. I will say, overall, she has been really, really great and mature. But there have been times…

I think the biggest challenge with her was the first night. She didn’t get much sleep — we had a post-partum doula who came and spent the night. She didn’t know about it, unfortunately, until she woke up at 4:45am. And while she seemed perfectly okay with the doula being there instead of mommy and daddy, I don’t think she slept much after that… and no nap… and all the excitement and a late night at the hospital…

It was a night filled with tears and, “I want mommy and baby brother to come home … right NOW!” It broke my heart, but it was a real challenge. I will say that chocolate chip cookies at storytime that night helped a bit.

I thought it was the tiredness and excitement. However, one of the first things out her mouth in the morning was, “I want mommy and the baby to come home right now…”

In baby news – the baby is a bit jaundiced, so he’s under the special light for.. who know how long. “They like to keep him under there for at least 24 hours,” the nurse told us. So, after the afternoon, I didn’t get to spend much time with him. And when I did, he was sleeping. But, Ms. Kaz and I got to spend a little time together (and no, not like THAT.. it was in the hospital!), which was nice.

Thanks for all your congrats and well wishes! You guys rock!


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  1. I haven’t been paying attention! Congratulations. Would love to know more about the douala which is something we’re thinking about (two months to go). “I want mummy to come home with baby brother!” What a great reaction, even though it must have been upsetting to have her distressed.

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