Will it ever slow down..?

October 31, 2007

Work’s been crazy. Home’s been crazy. I’ve got a post on Post Partum Doulas that I have been working on for a couple days. Hopefully, I’ll have that out soon. In the meantime, here’s a quick post about my daughter’s environmental conservation education.

Why we don’t waste toilet paper – “It will make the trees sad”
Why we don’t waste water – “It will make the fish sad”
Why we don’t waste electricity – “It will make the robots sad”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go participate in a Robot Parade.

Weekend Quickie

October 28, 2007

At least 2-3 times a day, I have the following conversation with my daughter…

Daughter: Daddy, could you put this dress/these shoes/this something on..?
Me: I don’t think they’ll fit me, sweetie.
Daughter: No, on me!

I wonder how long before she tires of this joke?


October 26, 2007

At breakfast the other day:

Daughter: Daddy, are swamp creatures and sea monsters the same thing?
Me:  Uh…

Where do they get this from? I’d like to say I had a great answer, but alas, I had just a plain ol’ answer (basically, “No”).

NEW BABY UPDATE: Ms. Kaz has been getting no sleep lately. Last night, I suggested she take Tylenol PM. Therefore, I had all overnight duty. Today, I am tired. Very very tired.


October 24, 2007

Wow. Two posts today, and I still managed to miss my Blogging for ACT post.

I wonder how long I can play this “I have a new baby!” card?

Anyhow, I don’t have time right now to post anything more insightful or lengthy, but I wanted to point out that post-partum depression effects more women than I had previously realized, and there are probably many more women who go undiagnosed.

If you get a moment, check out the MOTHERS Act Bill, which seeks to increase education, awareness, provide support for women suffering from PPD. If it is something you wish to throw your support behind, please contact your Senator and ask them to support this bill.

For more info, including what you can do, check out this Blogher post.


Big Sister

October 24, 2007

They say Big Sister and Big Brother Parties are good for making sure the older sibling doesn’t feel neglected and helps them to bond with the new baby. This is probably true. We had a party where my daughter got her “I’m The Big Sister” shirt, had a cupcake, got presents (including one from the baby) and generally had a good time.

Then more Big Sister gifts kept coming – shipped from distant relatives, brought over by neighbors, given by teachers.

I really think my daughter enjoyed this aspect of being a Big Sister.

But maybe it went a bit too far. Last night, at dinner, we had the following conversation:

Daughter: I want a Big Sister party.
Us: …
Daughter: I like Big Sister parties.
Me: You already had a Big Sister Party.
Daughter: But I like them…
Ms. Kaz: Sorry, sweetie, you only get one.
Daughter: Mommy, I want you to have more babies.
Ms. Kaz: Uh…
Daughter: I want lots of babies! Mommy, I want 16 babies!
Ms. Kaz: Well, then you’re gonna have to have them yourself!

I’m sure she’s in it for the gifts.

Words you hate to hear

October 24, 2007

Good morning!! It is 5:20a, and I’ve been up, oh, about an hour and a half now. No sense in going back to bed now. But that’s not what I am here to talk about.

No, I am here to talk about some words you hate to hear from your kids. There are a lot of them. And I am sure there are some I won’t hear for many years still. But these ones broke our hearts.

My daughter was playing with an old cell phone (texting friends, I am sure), and appeared to pinch her finger a bit. There was the usual moments hesitation, then the bawling.

I picked her up and asked her what was wrong, expecting to hear about her finger. Instead, what I heard was, “Nobody at school will play with me!!!” We asked her again what she said and got the sobs and the “Nobody at school will play with me!!”

It broke our hearts.

After a bit, we learned that might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but it still broke our hearts that something caused our daughter to feel that way. I have a feeling the stress of a new baby and the fact that it is manifesting itself in her not being kind to some of the other kids may have played a part.

But she’s a good kid, and she tries hard, and, perhaps most of all, she’s our kid, and we hate to see her feeling bad already about friends.

Phil & Ted’s Sport … oh, and transitional issues

October 19, 2007

Our Phil & Ted’s sport stroller arrived yesterday.

The doubles kit, however, has not arrived yet. But more on that later.

The first thing I have to say about the Phil and Ted’s is this: the assembly instructions could use a little clarification. There are not a lot of steps to assembling this stroller. Often times, however, I had difficulty figuring out what they were asking me to do. Oh, they had pictures, but they were small. And they used a dark colored stroller in the example. They could have used a lighter colored stroller so the black pieces stand out more. Heck, they could have used orange — that’s what we bought — it would have made my life a lot easier.

I’m still not sure I have the hang of (a) folding or (b) converting from a baby stroller to a toddler stroller.

But, to be fair, I’ve only played with it for a couple hours.

And besides, this thing is a dream to push. After years of hard rubber tires on the Maclaren, these inflated tires of the Phil & Ted’s make this an awesomely smooth ride. My daughter seemed to love it, as well.

Ah, yes, my daughter’s ride in the Phil & Ted’s… Read the rest of this entry »

Paul McCartney’s Balloons

October 12, 2007

It took me a few seconds to realize it was my daughter crying, not the baby.

“Daddy..? Where are you..?”

I stumbled down the hallway, telling my mother-in-law that it was the older one, not the baby, and that she can go back to sleep (yeah, she’s been spoiling us by getting up in the middle of the night to help).  I got into my daughter’s room, and she looked somewhat awake.

Daughter:  Where are the balloons, daddy?
Me: Hm? What balloons?
Daughter: The ones from, uhm… uhm.. uhm.. who’s that Beatle guy?
Me: Paul?
Daughter: Right, Paul ‘Cartney.
Me: What about Paul McCartney, sweetie?
Daughter: What words are on the balloons?
Me: Balloons? Paul McCartney’s balloons?
Daughter: Right.
Me: I dunno sweetie, go back to sleep.

In the morning, I was able to quiz her some more on her dream…

Me: Can you tell me more about the balloons, sweetie?
Daughter: Paul McCartney’s balloons.
Me: Right.
Daughter: I was chasing them. Why was I chasing them, daddy?
Me: I don’t know, sweetie, you were the one chasing them. Why?
Daughter: I wanted them to go far away! Up in the tree!

But where had these mysterious balloons come from?

Me: Were they in his house?
Daughter: Yeah! They were coming out of his window.
Me: Oh. What color were they?
Daughter: Brown, probly, or  black, probly.
Me: Oh, brown probably or black probably.
Daughter: Black, probly.

But what about those mysterious words?

Me: What words were on them?
Daughter: What words were on them?
Me: I dunno. I didn’t see them. What letters were on there?
Daughter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G!
Me: Oh, abcadefguh.
Daughter: No, I’m not abcadefguh!
Me: No, I meant — oh, nevermind.
Daughter: Why was I chasing them, daddy?

So, Paul, if you are out there, I apologize on behalf of my daughter for chasing your balloons away.

Where am I?

October 10, 2007

Sorry, all, but things have been crazy, what with trying to get up to speed at work, being tired, having company…

That, and dealing with a whole bunch of ill people at home (including myself, but thankfully, not the baby).

The good news is that, thanks to a work off-site I missed last week while I was home, I now have a bobble-head version of myself!

So please keep checking back. I’ve got a lot of stuff to write about, just no time to do it right now.

A few days home…

October 5, 2007

Hey all – thanks for the well wishes. Here is a quick couple of updates:

  • The boy did not have to stay the whole 24 hours under the mystical jaundice-removal lights, so we actually got to go Wednesday afternoon.
  • However, today, he seemed a little jaundiced. The pediatrician suggested going to the infant ER, since they can re-do the blood test, and I quote, “quicker.” Ms. Kaz and her mother were there with the baby for almost 4 hrs. Many doctors came and went, and at the end of it all… he was fine.
  • Stacey asks, “Can you tell me how you like your Maxi Cosi Mico infant seat? Did you find a stroller to use with it? I like the Quinny Buzz, but it seems a little pricey and the Zapp I have read the zippers are difficult. I am wondering if there is another universal stroller that would work. If you find a stroller that works could you Let me know. Also, do you find the Mico to be what you hoped it would?” Well, I was about set to write about how great it looked in Ms. Kaz’s car, but the baby came first. So, I will have a real review (with pictures) soon.
  • Thank goodness for free hospital coffee.
  • Cats seem to not really be taking much of an interest in the boy. This is good.
  • Wait. I can’t take him to a store for 6 weeks???
  • Doulas? Yes, I can tell you more about that. Keep in mind, we only used a POST-partum doula, and really just for child-care. But I can write more about that.
  • The boy sleeps a lot. This should be good, but since we are so paranoid, we just wind up worrying instead. I think we ask every doctor, consultant, specialist we talk to if that is okay.
  • Man, I could use soem sleep.

The latest…

October 2, 2007

Oh, man — I have got a lot of respect for single parents, of which I have only partially been for the last couple of days, and it has been almost overwhelming.

Of course, the baby is still at the hospital, but he’s been doing a lot of sleeping. At least… during the day. I guess he wasn’t too kind to Ms. Kaz last night. But my daughter has been a bit of a challenge. I will say, overall, she has been really, really great and mature. But there have been times…

I think the biggest challenge with her was the first night. She didn’t get much sleep — we had a post-partum doula who came and spent the night. She didn’t know about it, unfortunately, until she woke up at 4:45am. And while she seemed perfectly okay with the doula being there instead of mommy and daddy, I don’t think she slept much after that… and no nap… and all the excitement and a late night at the hospital…

It was a night filled with tears and, “I want mommy and baby brother to come home … right NOW!” It broke my heart, but it was a real challenge. I will say that chocolate chip cookies at storytime that night helped a bit.

I thought it was the tiredness and excitement. However, one of the first things out her mouth in the morning was, “I want mommy and the baby to come home right now…”

In baby news – the baby is a bit jaundiced, so he’s under the special light for.. who know how long. “They like to keep him under there for at least 24 hours,” the nurse told us. So, after the afternoon, I didn’t get to spend much time with him. And when I did, he was sleeping. But, Ms. Kaz and I got to spend a little time together (and no, not like THAT.. it was in the hospital!), which was nice.

Thanks for all your congrats and well wishes! You guys rock!


October 1, 2007

Baby boy arrived at approximately 4am (ugh). Everyone’s doing great. Dad needs sleep. More details later…