We’re getting closer to the boy’s arrival.

Assuming he doesn’t come this weekend, I hope to get an update on the Maxi-Cosi Mico and a final Big Girl Room update out before Monday.

In the meantime, here are a few random thoughts…

  • I’ve read AJ’s comments over at DaddyTypes for, like, years now. But I had only occasionally visited Thingamababy. Then he referenced my WeeGo Bottle story (as far as I can tell, I scooped everyone on the date and price – yay, me!), and I’ve been visiting daily. I’m really starting to dig his blog.
  • Another blog I am digging lately is ApartmentTherapy’s nursery section.
  • I’m beginning to think I am using this baby as an excuse to buy (or at least drool over) cool new baby gadgets…
  • Never tell about-to-be-first-time-dads that you think those stroller/carseat combos they sell at Babies-r-Us are crap. Odds are, they’ll respond, “oh, that’s the kind we got.” and then you have to back-pedal. Not that I am speaking from experience, mind you.

If I don’t post this weekend, have a good weekend! Looks to be beautiful here.


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