Big Girl Room: Part III – More Blik

Taking my expertise garnered from my previous Blik wall decal installation, I decided I was ready to tackle the alphabet…


Of course, that meant 26 of these things to put on. And, with an alphabet, it isn’t like you can just leave the decal off if you screw it up. Not that my daughter would know for a white yet.

I decided to go window-to-window, going over the bed and the toy box. There was a little more wall than I wanted to use, so there were some gaps between letters that were bigger than I wanted. But I also wanted to overlap some letters.

The experience with the flowers helped, although I still had the occasional difficulty with getting them to stick to the proper sheet. The advantage of these were that they were smaller than the large flowers.

There were many new difficulties I face with the letters, however… (more after the jump)

A few of the the difficulties were of my own making. However, the more frustrating one was with peeling off both sides of the decal. As I mentioned with the last installation, it was often difficult to get the decal to stick to the proper side of the plastic it was sandwiched between.

blik7This issue was compounded by the fact that the letters has some small corner and inside pieces. A few times, when peeling too fast, one part stuck to the side I was attempting to peel off, and one part didn’t. This resulted in a few small tears in the decal (see the ‘X’ below – click for larger). I am sure they are noticeable by only me, but frustrating none the less. I quickly learned you had to be extra careful when peeling.

There were two other small frustrations, which might have been lessened with careful planning.

The first one was that I didn’t realize the letters were cut out. Before peeling, they looked really nice – orange, purple, green, yellow, black – all with white letters, which would have looked great on the dark purple. Instead, all the letters are now purple. With some colors, this looks good. With others (purple), the letters do not stand out as well as I would have liked.

If I had known, I could have planned better, and left an area under the decal white, so the letters turned out white. (Okay, who am I kidding? This would have taken a lot more planning then I can concentrate on had time for.)

blik6The other small frustration was with overlapping letters. I really wanted this somewhat haphazard look to the decals. The problem is, when you look somewhat closely (see detail photos below), certain colors bleed through the decal over them – for instance, yellow, which you might expect. However, it also happened a bit with orange.

My daughter loves to stand on her bed (yeah, not thrilled about that, but…) and point to the letters she knows. I try to teach her how to go through the alphabet song while pointing to the letters (a little tough over the toy box – she can’t do that), and I think she’s picking up a few new ones thanks to it.

She will also use it for her colors, although she’s had those down pat for a while now. Still, she is very excited about them, and people I’ve sent pictures to (read: family), really seem to like them.

Below is a few close-ups of some of the issues mentioned above (tearing and transparency):

blik3 blik4 blik5

One other small note, which I think I forgot the mention the first time. My walls are not perfectly flat, but they are relatively smooth. One thing I’ve noticed with these decals is that I have found myself smoothing down edges for a few days afterwards. I am sure the decals are on there good, but I still feel compelled to flatten the edges to get them to stick better.

All these issues aside, I am really happy with the decals, love the way they turned out, and would use them again.

Big Girl Room Pt I
Big Girl Room Pt II

Oh, yeah — you can find the Blik ABC decals here. ($45)

UPDATE: Big Girl Room Part IV here.


5 Responses to Big Girl Room: Part III – More Blik

  1. Serena says:

    I completely understand what you mean, we are in the process of creating a “Ballerina Room” for our three year old. I would love to hire someone to do it, but I know it will mean more if I do it myself.

  2. It looks great! Unfortunately I lack the concentration time required to under take such an effort.

  3. Wow- that’s really cool.

    I’ve looked into using those for my daughters room. I wonder if they do custom ones.

  4. susan says:

    hi. looks great. did you paint the decals? any idea if I can actually paint the decals to change the color?



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