Tuesday Quickies (product updates)

I’m still loading in pictures of the Big Girl Room. Maybe I will have another update tonight. In the meantime, here’s some quickies, including some updates on product decision…

  • After seeing, and talking to an owner of, the Phil & Ted’s E3 Sport front-to-back stroller, we’ve decided to go with it as our double stroller. It is very adaptable, and the second seat can be removed when not in use. We’ll see how the car seat fits in it. It certainly can’t fit worse than the Snap-n-Go frame we owned for about a week.With the Maxi-cosi Mico, there were two problems with the Snap-n-Go. A lot of car seats snap onto a bar on the stay-in-the-car base. The Mico is the opposite. The bar is on the car seat, and the base latches on to it. This means that little groove that makes car seats easy to fit onto shopping carts and, well, Snap-n-Go frames, is not there.

    The second problem is the “foot” of the car seat is, apparently, wider on the Mico, and doesn’t really fit between the handle bars on the frame. These two things mean you are relying solely on the strap to hold the car seat in the frame. I was not happy with that.

  • We posed the night light question to our daughter, and she chose… the Mobi TykeLight. I think she made this decision solely on the picture on the site of the kid in bed with one. I’ve warned her she cannot sleep with it in bed. We’ll see how well that one was retained.
  • We’re going with glass bottles for the moment. We’re hoping we won’t need to use bottles as much as with our daughter. We hope to get by with a few glass, and, when they finally arrive, maybe a couple of the WeeGo bottles for travelling.
  • Non-product update: My daughter’s forehead is healing slowly, but steadily. It doesn’t look like she’ll wind up with a lightning-bolt shaped scar (my wife nixed the pen knife idea). Hopefully, she’ll end up with no scar, but I told her to tell the boys she got it from playing hockey.

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