Fore! (head)

Not a good weekend for foreheads.


First up – Saturday in the park (definitely not the 4th of July). My daughter is addicted to swings. For some reason, she still wants to “baby swings”. So, we’re swinging away. It is a busy day at the park. More busy than I ever remember seeing it. This means lots of kids running around and lots of parents losing track of their kids.

In this situation, when pushing, I am always prepared to grab my daughter’s swing once a stay kid comes running by. Saturday, I saw this girl, maybe two, two-and-a-half, come running by. I was ready to grab, but she ran wide enough and started playing with the swing next to us.

I continued to be vigilant. I gave my daughter a big push. Right at the top of her arc, just as she was about to head down, the girl made a break for it… right into the path of the swing.

I was helpless.  The little girl was too far for me to reach fast enough, and my daughter was on the other side of the girl, headed straight down. Sure enough – SMACK – right into the girl’s forehead, knocking her down.

She was bawling, and I felt bad. I felt bad, despite their being little I could do, and the fact that I was at least paying attention to not only my kid, but their kid.

To their credit, they didn’t seem to blame me at all. Of course, the little girl immediately wanted to go on my daughter’s swing, and my daughter, who couldn’t care which of the “baby swings” she was on before, now refused to change because, well, someone else wanted that swing.

(Sunday, after the jump)Sunday

Sunday started great — we made waffles, read the comics together. My daughter was in a great mood. We were getting ready to go to Sunday In The Park (where my daughter would have her first Pony Ride, and we talked to someone about the front-to-back Phil & Teds).

I was in the kitchen, and heard Ms. Kaz ask my daughter to bring me something. She came trotting in, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her trip over her own feet. I turned to see her face heading right for the corner of the kitchen cabinets. Hard.

I flipped out. I didn’t know where she got hit. There was the typical initial pause, then the crying. I grabbed her, took a quick glance at her face to see if there was anything obvious, then hugged and shushed her.

Ms. Kaz came in, asked what happened, then let out an, “oh my god!” This, of course, flipped me out more. Right on her forehead, initially hidden by her hair, was a decent sized gash and some blood. We cleaned it up, and took a look.

It looked deep.

But not a ton of blood. I figured, maybe the impact and the swelling made it look deeper than it was. We put Neosporin and a bandage on it. The blood wasn’t flowing very much at all, and my daughter, after calming down (thanks, lollipop!), didn’t seem to be bothered.

So we went to the park.

Before naptime, we looked at it, and cleaned it up again. It still looked deeper than I would have liked. But not much blood. After bathtime, we cleaned it up, and put a butterfly bandage on it, too help it.

She seems fine. Maybe we should have gone for stitches. Maybe she’ll have a scar. I don’t know.

We’ll take her to see a doctor tomorrow anyhow. I think it is too late for stitches (if she even needs them). I am 100% positive she’s fine. Who cares if she has a scar?

Maybe it’ll keep the boys away.


3 Responses to Fore! (head)

  1. newhavenbaby says:

    someday…we will meet. We were at Sunday in the Park today too, along with every kid we have ever met in new haven …and you.


    [Kaz: Well, if you were driving a green Phil & Ted’s front-to-back… we met.]

  2. andmiriam says:

    Great story. Your daughter sounds adorable and you dont want the scar to keep the boys away. Just make her know that its her own cool amazing scar that no one else will have. let her give it a name, personalize it. scars are very in.

    [Kaz: being the Disney-freak she is, she’d probably name it “Scar”.]

  3. whit says:

    Tell her it was caused by He that Shan’t Be Named.

    [Kaz: Heeeeeeyy… I bet with a pen-knife, I could do a little customization on it…]

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