Wee Need Bottles

Wee Bottles

Into the final month, we are starting to realize all the stuff we still need, and are scambling to get them. One thing we are still working on is deciding on bottles. We used the Avent ones with our daughter (yeah, plastic — we may have to just give up all hope for her), but want a safer, or at least more “green” alternative.

That is why I was excited to read about these Wee Go bottles by Babylife (thanks, Babble!).

These glass bottles are bisphenol A-free. The bottles, rings, nipples, and sleeves also contain no phthalate, PVC or polycarbonates. They are dishwasher and boiling safe, and are also recyclable!

The plastic special non-plastic covering makes them less prone to breaking due to impact, and are also designed to help baby’s grip. Plus, they look pretty sharp.

The bad news is that they are not yet available. I spoke to them (via email), and they told me they are looking at a shipping date of October 19th at various retailers. They also hope to open up an on-line store soon.

Generally, these bottles run a little high in price (the Born Free BPA-free plastic and glass bottles are about $9-11 each). These bottles are no exception – the retail price will be $18 each. So… they aren’t for everyone.

UPDATE: The new “available” date is October 31st. Just in time for Halloween…

UPDATE #2: We went with the Green To Grow bottles, which are BPA-free, lightweight plastic. And nice looking, too. And a bit cheaper. Read about ’em here and here.

7 Responses to Wee Need Bottles

  1. lightspring says:

    I got a sample of the Adiri Natural Nurser; it looks kinda cool. Non-Bisphenol-A, blah-de-blah.

    Karen from Strollerderby

  2. whit says:

    They look like Crocs. Don’t use them on an escalator!

  3. Dori says:

    The Weego bottles are here! Get your baby a safe and stylish gift for the holidays with a Weego silicone wrapped baby bottle. We have all of the colors in-stock at http://www.scandinucci.com

  4. Kelly says:


    I just came across a site in CANADA that sells CHEAP Weego Baby bottles.

    Apparently they sell baby bottles (mostly Weego) from businesses that have gone bankrupt at wholesale prices. I just bought 10 of these…for $14.99 (Canadian dollars).


    CRAZY!! – site rocks

  5. Tara says:

    These bottles suck! They are poorly designed. No measurement markings on the actual bottle, only the sleeve. And no cap for storage without the nipple.

  6. Steven Crewe says:

    My wife and I just bought these bottles from WeegoBottles.com

    They just reduced the price of the bottles to $10.99 each which is crazy!.. They ship everything for $9.99…I’m not sure how they make money….

    Our twins smashed these bottles on the floor numerous times and they haven’t broken. They are on the heavy side, but they are SUPER SAFE – no plastic leaching, not easily broken so they are safe for kids.

    My wife loves them because I get to get up and feed the kids at night !!….yea!

    Anyway…just thought I’d mention the great price above!!

  7. […] I Hate Snaps reports that the Wee Go bottles will begin shipping on October 19th with a retail price of $18 […]

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