Big Girl Room: Part I – Blik, etc.

We’re finally nearing completion of my daughter’s new Big Girl Room.

blik1a Today, I’d like to highligh a little project which actually turned out as nice as I’d hoped. A lot of projects turn out good, or okay, but never like you envisioned them. This project did come out much as I envisioned it.

The picture here actually shows off three pieces of my daughter’s Big Girl Room. The Blik wall decals are actually the highlight, however, I’d also like to point out how nice the purple paint turned out (Sherwin-Williams low-VOC paint; color = kismet), and the new IKEA chest of drawers.

I really like the way the white trim and furniture contrasts with the darker purple. I did discover later, however, one minor issue with the purple paint, which I will point out when featuring another part of the room.

But the wall decals are what gives this part of the room its Wow Factor (at least, that’s what my daughter said when she saw this part of the project completed).

By the way, you can click on and of the photos for a larger, more detailed version (which were taken with my new Nikon D50 digital SLR with Sigma 28-70mm lens – a NewBaby Gift from my father-in-law).

(more details and pictures after the jump)blik decal 2 As I mentioned, I was really happy with the way the Blik wall decals turned out. One thing I was not happy about was getting them on the wall. Initially, I followed the instructions. The decals come with two side you need to peel off. The first side, which is white, exposes the sticky part of the decal. Once this side is off, you can apply to the wall and smooth. Then you remove the second, clear side.

Sounds easy enough. Until you actually attempt to do it. See, the trick is, when you remove the white side, the decal needs to stay on the clear side. They give you a tool to run over the white side to try and coerce the decal to stick to the clear side. However, I found that the decal often wanted to stick to the white side, no matter how much use I made of the tool.

One thing I found was that if you pulled the white side back slowly at almost a 180 degree angle, you were more likely to get the decal to stick to the clear side. Even then, if it started to stick to the incorrect side, I would turn the decal, peel from a different corner, and attack it from a different side.

Once I was able to master this move, things progressed more quickly. Once the decal was applied, and it was time to use the tool to coerce the decal to stay on the wall as I removed the clear side, it was slightly easier. However, I did run into similar problems, though not as bad. The solution was much the same in removing the clear side – try at 180 degrees.

blik3bAs I mentioned, it got easier as I went on. After completing the wall, it was time to tackle the chest of drawers.

The small flowers were no problem, but the large flower crossed all three drawers. My plan was to stick it on, then take a knife and slice between the cracks of the drawers. Then, I would fold any excess decal down along the top of the drawer, or spacers between the drawers. This task went much easier than I thought, and I think it turned out looking quite cool.

Overall, the Blik were a bit of work, and you had to be careful, because once the stickers were on something, you cannot take them off and reuse them. They are designed to be fairly easy to remove without taking off the paint once you decide to remove them. They are not, however, designed to be re-used (although Blik does have a line of reusable wall decals). Despite that, and probably due to taking my time, I did not mess up one decal. I even have extras for… who knows what.

This decal project probably took me about 1 1/2 hours.

STILL TO COME: another Blik project, my daughter’s mobile, and her Via Toy Box.

Paint: Sherwin-Williams GreenSure paints. Color: Kismet.
Chest: Hemnes chest of drawers at IKEA.
Decals: Blik Flower Power decals, both sets (Update: the color set has since been revised, for the better, since our order).

Update: Welcome those from DaddyTypes. You can find the next part of the Blik project here.


3 Responses to Big Girl Room: Part I – Blik, etc.

  1. Kaz it looks great! Did the low VOC paint cover well.

    D50? Score!

    [Kaz: Actually, the paint did do okay. I don’t know for sure that it would not be the same case with regular paint, but we needed two coats (purple on white – I would tend to think regular paint would just need one coat), and it did run a bit in places (it wasn’t a particularly hot or humid day).]

  2. Darren says:

    That looks fantastic! I love the colors too. And those decals are much more attractive than the Tinkerbells we have plastered over our bathroom.

    [Kaz: I am still finding a way to subtly work Tink into the room. So far, however, my daughter hasn’t brought it up…]

  3. stickers says:


    […]Big Girl Room: Part I – Blik, etc. « I Hate Snaps[…]…

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